Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bands that played the Myrtle Beach Pavilion

One of the biggest draws ever at the Pavilion was Harry Deal & The Galaxies who put on vinyl the party classic "39-21-40 shape/ Hey, Baby"

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion no longer stands but its memory lives forever in the minds and hearts of those who love the music Image courtesy of Mickey Bradford The Imperial Combo featured on the Marquee.

ABOVE: The Catalinas in the studio; read about their first trip to the MBP in the book.

More bands that played the MBP Pavilion will be added soon.

Hello My friend:

I saw your book & website...hey it's great!! I found an old photo of my group (Ed). We played a lot @ the Myrtle Beach Pavilion in the 1960's It's a bit grainy but here it is.We had a record out in 1966.."Brandy Wine Blues"
Also, I found a photo of Dick Holler & Merlin Jones & Don Smith(wrote "Double Shot" ) Thanks. You have permission to publish my old Picture


Ed Baggett


Thanks. We will publish it to the blog and start adding photos of the many other bands that played the famous venue. The photo is a bit grainy but it's from the 60s so it and others from the 60s will always get our attention. I know we have an excellent photo of the MBP that was used in the book that we'll place at the top. In the interim, the Dimensions will lead off what should be a long list of bands and performers.

We previously published the Dick Holler photo back in either November or December. What we would like to do is a blog interview with Dick. What great memories he could probably share !




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Great pix as usual. Thanks!

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Thanks. I always appreciate your input.