Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did The Seros, Mouse, Willie Tee or some other great band play at your frat's parties in the 60s?

L-R: Eddie Middleton, Joe Pope, and Bobby Joyner

Listen to a clip of a recent recording by Eddie Middleton with The In-Men Ltd. on the book page at (Look for the CD Cover)

Mike Mclaughlin in CBRE’s Chicago office loaned out his copy of the book to a friend and got the email below:

Mike - This book is terrific. I am having so much fun seeing the names of some of the old groups. The Embers played at my homecoming dance when I was a sophomore in HS. I especially enjoyed seeing Eddie Middleton featured so prominently. Eddie was a lead singer for the Seros and later for King David and the Slaves. We attended Albany High School and played BBall together. I remember him singing in the back of the bus on road trips and trying to harmonize with some of us who could not sing quite so well.
Some of the groups I remember hearing in high school or at Univ of Ga ATO frat parties included: Mouse and Boys with Brass (multiple times), Pieces of Eight, The Jesters, The Ga Prophets, The Catalinas, Willie T, Maurice Williams, Clifford Curry, Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts, The Righteous Bros, The Candymen (High School Jr./Sr Prom), The Platters, Jerry Butler (college concert), James Brown (my first concert...Macon Colliseum.-1968..I was the only white boy in the group of 8,000), Bill Deal and the Rhondels, The Castaways, The Epics, The Bushman (another HS Prom) , The Rubber Band, Ray Whitley (we used to drive 2 hours from Athens, Ga to Atlanta on a school night to hear him play at a small bar in Buckhead. He wrote many of the songs made famous by the Tams..."I Been Hurt", "What Kind of Fool", "Hey Girl Don't Bother Me" and others) ...and the two most famous bands in my day...the Tams and the Swing Medallions!

I am about only about 20% thru the book and having a ball! Thanks so much for sharing it. I will take good care of it.


Note: The email to Mike is a good resume of some of the bands playing the ATO house at UGA during the Hey Baby Days… but there were over 20 other party-active fraternities so maybe we’ll get a few more fraternity lists from UGA and the other party schools. Throughout the South, there had to be a good 1000 parties going on every Friday and Saturday night in the 60s featuring some of the great R&B bands, many that are in the book and some that should have been. If you are reading this posting and want to recall some of the bands playing for your parties in the 60s, drop us a note. Not restricted to frats ! If you have a story, so much the better.

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