Monday, November 23, 2009

Bruce Channel-signed Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music book sells big at fundraiser

Bruce signs photo in "The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music"

"When he saw you walking down the street ..."

Bruce Channel and Greg backstage in Springfield Tennessee

The Rock Roll & Read concert to raise funds for the reading program at the Springfield (Tenn) Middle School this past Saturday night was a great success as some rock 'n roll greats came together for a benefit concert. To say the performances by Bruce Channel, Bonnie Bramlett, Pat Upton, Buzz Cason, Leroy Presnell, Dickey Lee, Billy Swan, The Beachettes and all backed by Steve Jarrell and the SONS OF THE BEACH were GREAT would be an understatement of incalculable proportions. Thanks to Steve Jarrell for inviting me and especially for letting me hang backstage with these legends.This time around I was indeed smart enough to have extra cards for the camera and was not only able to get photos made with the entertainers but to get a photo of Bruce Channel signing "the Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music." I also used my camera to video Bruce singing the signature song of the Hey Baby Days. I hope to post a small clip of this soon.

Get well Clifford Curry: Clifford has been sick and in the hospital. He was scheduled to perform Saturday but of course could not. Clifford is everyone's friend and he was missed by all !

Greg with the Queen of blue-eyed soul, Bonnie Bramlett. She was joined on stage by her daughter, Bekka, ... another sensation in the making

Bonnie and Bekka

Bonnie signed "The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music"

Billy Swan ( "I Can Help", "Lover, please" ) and Greg

Buzz Cason led off the show in his spectators; Buzz has a great book out "Living the Rock 'n Roll Dream" with a forward by Georgian Brenda Lee.

"This book makes me want to quit my day job gig and run off and join a rock 'n roll band."

Jimmy Buffett

"He (Buzz Cason) is living proof that nice guys do just fine, and they have the most fun."

Kris Kristofferson

Buzz wowed the audience with "Everlasting Love" a song that he wrote that has been covered by many including Robert Knight, Carl Carlton, Gloria Estephan, U2 and others

Buzz Cason and Greg

Stve Jarrell and Pat Upton

Kelli Workman, one of the Beachettes, sings a little Beach Music

Dickie Lee

"I Saw Linda Yesterday"

One of the show's highlights was Dickie Lee's duo with Bonnie Bramlett on
"Never Ending Love For You"

I could go on and on about the show Saurday and I think I will:

Pat Upton received a standing ovation for the song he wrote:

"More Today Than Yesterday"

Talk about sounding like the record... Pat was that...& Thanks to Pat for taking so many of the photos of me with others.

Thanks to Steve Jarrell for his kind words on stage about the book. Steve and the Sons of the Beach performed their hit, "Sand in my shoes" and received a huge round of applause. We're gonna try and talk Steve into letting us post that video from Saturday night.

Heard and seen backstage::

Accoladaes for Kris Kristofferson:

" All Kris's work in Nashville have turned into standards",said someone.

One of the performers came up to Bruce Channel with a cell phone and pleaded with him to please sing a verse of "Hey, Baby" to the performer's wife who was on the phone. He did it with apparent pleasure and with a smile on his face.

Big Birthday cake for Buzz Cason, his 39th ?

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