Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Beach Music CD of Epic Proportions 39-21-40 Shape ?

No ! but you might go appity ape over the recently released Sensation Epics Anthology... a great tribute to the band that is moving toward a half century of entertaining party crazed Southerners and who help form "The Never Gonna Give It Up Club." Can you image a horn blowing band that still boasts at least five members who played with the band during the Hey Baby Days (1962-1969)? There are very few of the old guard still remaining, i.e. members of a 60s R&B band still playing together under the same name. Other bands that we know (other than occasional reunions of the old bands) include in addition to the Sensational Epics are The Pieces of Eight, the Jesters, Tyn Tymes and the Attractions. If I have erred please correct but these bands should be in somebody's hall of fame, that is, in addition to the The Heeey Baby Days Hall of Fame !


It was honor to write the notes for the Sensational Epics anthology CD; but more importantly, buy it ! it's great and full of party styled Beach Music with the great horn sound !

This Saturday night, I finally get to meet and present a book to Bruce Channel, the man whose song inspired a very long party !

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