Saturday, February 21, 2009

Athens Rogues' "She Could Love Me" big on the Northern Soul Scene

Hi, Greg

I'm Gerry Fleming. I was the singer/songwriter for the Athens Rogues. Is there anything I can do for you? I'm more than just a little stunned that there's even a vague memory of the old group. Drop me a



Yes, send me a lot of the original 45 RPM “She Could Love Me” on the Stop Label. The only available one I can find on the Internet sells for $425.00. Of course, I’m kidding ( about sending any copies) but I am not kidding about it’s price (check I can understand why it’s a big song with the Northern Soul crowd. You are probably aware that Ripete licensed it and it can be found on Disk Number 9 of The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music series. I think Ripete sells the entire Number 9 Disk with 19 great other songs for less than $425.00 but I will double check. Lol It’s all about authenticity with the Northern Soul scene and unless it’s on a 7” (in diameter) disk, they are not interested in playing it at one of their events. You have to love their passion. I am sure that when a few of them see this posting and discover that the Athens Rogues are white, they’ll be very surprised. Of course, since the book came out, they probably are already aware.

What about the other recordings made in Nashville, are any of them available ?

I guess you realize that “She Could Love Me” is on Youtube. I would like to link the Youtube posting to this blog but my guess is that the Internet Youtube posting is being done without permission. Am I right ? It’s a great tune and very much should get more recognition. Also attached is a photo that Glenn Brown provided for the book that we didn’t use. Maybe you can reply and give the history of the photo. By the way, I noticed that the Athens Rogues’ photo that we have in the book has you in the book crease. Sorry about that. We’ll shift for a second printing. Reply back with any thing you want to add about the songs you wrote or the band etc. The site and blog is all about preserving an important period of time, music and musician.




Jeffers66 said...

"She Could Love Me" is great! I keep hoping to find a copy of the 45 one day in one of the local thrift shops.

heybabydays said...


It's a wonder that a song like that did not get more air play. Folks in the U.K. obviously thought well of it.



zeplen said...

Hi Greg: I can provide you with the history of these photographs. The top photo was taken in August 1968 at the "Top of the Hill" in Winder, GA. This property had been a bowling alley but was converted to a road house. Gerald Fleming is shown on the left of the image playing keyboard. The bottom left image was taken at a Christmas dance at the Athens Academy, Athens, Georgia. Gerald was unable to make it to this job due to a conflict. Glenn Brown filled in on vocals and keyboard. Included in the photo are Jim Cleveland, Bill Walker and Glenn Brown. The bottom left image was taken by Lester Murphy in June of 1967 at Memorial Hall on the University of Georgia campus. This was before Gerald joined the band. The lead singer at that time was David Woods. Included in the photo are Larry Moor on sax and Bill Walker on drums.

Gerald Fleming said...

Hi, folks

Gerry here again. Just to clarify a point. Larry Moor became David's replacement on sax. It's a long time ago, and details often get a bit muddy.

I just happened to drop by the blog and really appreciate the person's info who filled in the blanks on those early gigs. They must have a memory like the proverbial "steel trap"!

Gerry F.

heybabydays said...

Thanks to all who are contributing to this posting. Again, I'd like to quote my friend Marvin Taylor, "If you remember the 60s, you weren't there !" But I say... "Wouldn't you like to go back to the Hey Baby Days one more time and see the great bands of Athens perform like the Rogues and Jesters once again... well you can see the Jesters as they are still performing... check their site on the Internet... and don't you think it's time for an Athens Rogues reunion ? Let's start a blog-in campaign for the return of the Rogues.