Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your Directions to the Bands of The Hey Baby Days


The Kommotions Directory has been removed to make some revisions; will repost soon !

Click on the images above to enlarge. The top image is that of the inside back cover of "The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music." The numbered CDs are audio CDs and they contain 46 different cuts by bands featured in the book. Go to www.heybabydays BAND PAGE to see the titles and the listing of bands. The CD in the middle is a band directory CD which list names of bands by state with a file for each listing the members of the band, their instruments , favorite venues of the bands and a listing of their releases. If you bought the book and have been trying to play the band directory CD thinking you would hear some great music , you'll be disappointed. However, it you load it on your computer, you should be able to open the various PDF files of bands included in the state by state folders. By clicking on the name of the band you should be able to see a file similar to the one above. This is currently the same file as you see at the site. That will changing soon as we update and add band directories.

We have been updating the band directories and will be adding revisions, additions as well as new band directories. If your band is in the system and there are any mistakes, let us know so we can make the changes. As mentioned, we'll be adding new directories such as Wayne Logiudice and Kommotion which is listed under Georgia but there is presently not a directory. We will be adding the Wayne Logiudice directory that you see above but probably with some changes after members of the band have seen the directory that is shown above.

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