Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Magnificent Willie T at UGA


I stumbled on your site and I love the music, but can I join? Are you
a music club ? I loved the music. I dreamt about laying on the stand
at the beach.


P.S. I especially love Willie T_Magnificents


All you got to do is click on the link "Follow This Blog" on the right side on the main blog page and add your email address. You can also add an image if you desire. Regarding whether the blog is a music club, that's an interesting thought. Since there are no dues and we don't have formal meetings, I think we are more of a collective body interested in preserving and archiving information about 60s bands that had a dominant R&B format. Willie T & The Magnificents from Burlington, N.C. is a great example of that type of band. We have a story in the book about the band and their travels back in what we refer to as the Hey Baby Days of Beach Music. The band was a party favorite and I continue to hear various stories about them from back in the day, some of the stories are probably true. I got to see them a couple of times at the Lambda Chi house at UGA and I can certainly echo what many have said about their great show. Recently, I learned that on occasion the band stayed at the frat house following a party. A business associate of mine remembers seeing Willie T asleep on a couch in the frat house following a party. That's what I call Bulldog hospitality. Surprisingly, most folks were not aware that Willie T & the Magnificents had no relation to the Willie Tee of "Thank You John", "Walking up a One Way Street" and "Teasing You" fame. I don't think they cared because they liked the band. The Burlington band helped create a great awareness for the New Orleans based Willie Tee...

Finally, the band is still performing with some of the original members. There is a band web site.



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