Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coachman & Four Reunion Line-Up

Attractions appear at Coachman & Four Reunion Friday Night... "Zing, Went The Strings of My Heart"

Georgia Prophets AKA Billy Scott & The Prophets appear Saturday Midday

Catalinas appeared Thursday night

In-Men Ltd. appear Friday and Saturday night

Monzas with Quig and Sharon are back supported by The In-Men and Monzas from the past

Willie T & The Magnificents , the Magnificents appear Saturday Night

paste the following link in your browers to get the full line up on the Coachman and Four Reunion

Here' the Lineup at the Ocean Drive Beach Resort and Golf Resort in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Wednesday Night: Avengers/Band of Oz

Last Night: Thursday

Catalinas : The Barkers, Earl Dawkins, Gary Brown

Friday Night June 12

The Attractions

Clifford "She Shot a Hole
in My Soul" Curry

Big John Thompson

The In-Men Ltd.

The Monzas

The Footnotes


mid day: The "Georgia" Prophets aka Billy Scott & The Prophets, "I Got The Fever"

Saturday Night:

Willie Tee & The Magnificients

Clifford Curry

The Originals

Big John Thompson

The Monzas

The In-Men Ltd.

The "Original Men of Distinction" Dunn, NC

The Men of Distinction, founded by the late great Harry Driver are composed of musicians that had previously been members of legendary Beach Bands, Gene Barbour & The Cavaliers, The Thymes, and others... they were well known in UGA 60s party circles

THis event is taking place in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina... so do not head to Athens Georgia thinking it is 1968 and it's a typical Saturday night on frat row.


Jeffers66 said...

I'm so sorry I have to miss this! I hope the Catalinas did "You Haven't The Right". What a great song!

heybabydays said...


There may be another chance ... there are several of these events planned... August 22 in Clinton, NC with the NC bands (Williams Lake reunion) and possibly someting in Montgomery on the same day with bands from Alabama if I can get enough interest. I just sent out a feeler to several of them and hoping to get responses soon. This would be a event to raise money for NAMI.