Sunday, June 14, 2009

Willie T & The Magnificents, Attractions, In_Men Ltd. Monzas, Footnotes, Men of Distinction All-Stars, Clifford Curry Billy Scott & Prophets

Originals, and others lived up to Coachman & Four reunion expectations. It was Burlington North Carolina night at the Ocean Drive Beach Resort and Golf Club in North Myrtle, South Carolina as the bands who frequently played the old Coachman & Four Club in Bennettsville, South Carolina gathered for a reunion. Of course, there were bands and performers from throughout the Beach Music world but the Burlington crowd carried the day . In-Men Ltd. keyboard player Moose Smith sat at the boards for most of the Burlington bands who blurred the crowd with ex ordinary interchangeability. It you think that any of these performers have missed a beat since the Hey Baby Days, think again,

I could go and go about each of the groups that performed but rather than bore with a dictionary of superlatives, peruse the photos that we begin adding now and will continue adding until the dinner bell rings. Special thanks to Julian Fowler for his hospitality. Julian did a masterful job of putting this event together. Most covered songs:"Ain't No Big Thing", "Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy" "39-21-40 shape""Thank You John" (some things never change...nor should they)

Carlie Barbour (Pieces of Eight, Men of Distinction, others ) Big John Thompson (Monzas, Band of Oz,others)Ervin Hicks (Tassles, Pieces of Eight, Swingin' Medallions, others) Jackie Gore ( Embers, Legends of the Beach) Durwood Martin (Embers, Legends of The Beach, others )

Vicky Skinner ( Chantells / Aqua Lads Revue ) review has a current top Beach song

Ervin Hicks ( Tassles, Pieces of Eight, Swingin' Medallions ) Linda "Quig" Quinlin James (Monzas), and Greg

Quig and Mags reprise "For Your Precious Love"

Original Willie T. & Magnificents thanking John and others

Ada (widow of Freddy Owens- In-Men Ltd. ) Greg, Ward May (Monza) Bing Greeson (Monzas), and Clifford Curry (in back)

More event photos are coming here !

North Myrtle Beach proclaims itself the home of the shag... no arguments here

Judy's, a popular place to buy your shaggin' shoes

and there are many places to try them out !

In-Men Ltd. includes Trumpeters Howard Eaton and Garth Hutson who are members of the Attractions (also shown in photo on guitar is Attraction's guitarist, Keevin Smith substituting for Sonny Long who was unable to attend);on saxophone is Tommy Burgess and as always on keyboards, Moose Smith.

The Footnotes featured an awesome horn section.

Billy Scott of Prophets reflects on years of old... while vocalist, Cindy Floyd, watches on

Vintge Posters will soon be available; note South Georgia's King David & The Slaves appearance with Jerry Butler

The Attractions featured an awesome horn section ( Seems like there were two bands playing at the same time but in different rooms that had awesome horn sections... many people wore out their shaggin' shoes traveling between the two)

The already nine piece Attractions band swells to twelve with three guests(Carlie Barbour, guitar; Johnny Cobb, vocalist, and Moose Smith, keyboards)

All I can report is this was a most incredible event; one for the ages !

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