Monday, June 15, 2009

The Hey Baby Days of Beach Music autograph tour continues

Proof that the drummer for the Original Pieces of Eight once had hair... Harvey " Irven" Hicks signs the books at the Coachman & Four reunion... photo courtesy of Grainger Hines

At the Coachman & Four Reunion, we added over twenty new autographs to the two books we have been carrying around since the book was released in 2006. One of the two books will be auctioned off for the benefit of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness- Georgia Chapter ) The other book was already auctioned in 2007 for the benefit of the Atlanta Study Hall. It received $1,000 at the SIOR Leadership Breakfast in Atlanta but at that time, the book only had about 70 signatures. Both books now have well over 200 autographs of musicians, performers and others pictured in the book and or were involved in the music scene of the Hey Baby Days. We want to get more signatures and will work toward that over the next couple of months before releasing the book for the auction. NAMI is a 501 C charity and as a result, certain tax deductions are allowable. We will furnish more information at the time the book is made available for the auction.

If you are in the book (photo or mentioned by name) contact us. If you have not signed the book, we’ll try to work a time and place over the next couple of months to get your “John Henry, or Jane Henry”

We will soon post the signatures that we have received to date.
Here are a few other Johns and Janes that we got this past weekend:

Vicky Skinner who was one of the Chantelles who traveled with the Aqua Lads Revue signed the book and gave us a copy of a CD with her new cut

Randy and Cindy Floyd sign the book. Billy Scott and Jimmy Campbell have signed it as well in another part of the book

Willie Tee Walker , lead singer for Burlington's Willie Tee & The Magnificents signed the book.

We added three additional Monzas to the list of autographers; Don Baker and Mike Griffin have signed as well on another page

Carlie Barbour, certainly a Man of Distinction signed as an original Pieces of Eight

Ada Eason, widow of Freddy Owens signed his 1967 In-Men Ltd. photo

The Man Loves Beach Music

Durwood Martin... an original Ember

Chris Biehler, President Forevermore Records produced the CD shown above; we failed to acknowledged that in the book; he graciously forgave us and gave us two new CD productions to boot !

We'll add a few more signatures that we obtained from the event soon.

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