Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Persians are Coming & The Heeey Baby Days on the Rollye James Show

More details on the upcoming Persians' Reunion

Hey, everyone! It's a big beach and soul music event in Columbia this Sunday! The original "PERSIANS" (Willie & The Persians, Willie & The Tones), and many of the band's later members, are having a reunion on Sunday, October 11, @ 3:00 pm at Doc's Gumbo Grill, 1115 Assembly Street, across from the S.C State House. Admission is Free!

The Persians were a staple at college clubs and bars and fraternity parties in the 1960 and 1970s and stayed together until the late 1990's. They played at the old Wits End club and were the house band at the Knights of the Road (KOR club - old Owls Club) in 5 Pts. This will be the first ever reunion of the band that started as "Willie & The Tones" in 1964 and became the "Persians" in 1965. The band recorded "Peanut Man", which is on the Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music cd collection.

Featured will be founder and original lead singer, Willie WIlliams, and original vocalist and band leader for thirty years, Fred Ferguson. Other originals or members of the band in the1960's who plan to attend include drummers Willis Blume (Shagtime), Frank Macaulay (Strut), and Tom Graham (Sensational Epics); keyboardist Tommie James (Second Nature); guitarist Charles Stafford (Footnotes, Billy Stewart band); and original bassist and reunion organizer, Bill Miles. Other longtime members also attending will be vocalists Elvin Tobin, Nadine Taylor and Bill Durant; guitarist Jim Felton; and drummer James Casey.

Space is limited at Doc's, so call for a table or come early: 803-256-4440. The grill and bar will be open. Come join the party!!

Charlie Stafford
Atlantic Entertainment/Original Persians

Considered to be creme de la creme of bumper music, the Rollye James show has recently played several cuts from the compilation series of the Hey Baby Days of Beach Music:


Expect to hear more as Rollye reviews the CD set which we recently sent to her .

We also expect to be a guest on her show possibly this Friday. Check back for time.

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