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Reliving visits to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame from the Pacers, the Five Men-its, Rubber Band, Bill Deal & the Rhondels , King Edward & the BDs

Center stage at the Beach Club at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame from October 2006 through May of 2007 were some of the leading performers of the Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music . Look at the next image for descriptions of some of the items that were on display

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Descriptions of items above that were on display

Joseph Johnson, curator, meets Greg and Erin Haynes and Reid Haynes for tour of the exhibit

Bill Deal, a main attraction at the museum and a legend of Beach Music

Beach Music Royalty: King Edward and the BD's

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Visitors to the Heeeey Baby Day's exhibit during 2006 and 2007 at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame

Keeping pace with Tuscaloosa's Pacers and on time with the Five Men-its whose lead singer was Eddie Hinton

Did you know that lead vocals for the monster hit, “ Smoke From A Distant Fire” by Sanford Townsend and the original version of “Let Love Come Between Us’ by the Rubber Band are the same…John Townsend, lead singer for the Magnificent Seven and the Rubber Band then the Sanford Townsend band. “Let Love Come Between Us” was written by John Wyker and the late Joe Sobotka of the Rubber Band. Wyker also wrote Motorcycle Mama while a member of Sailcat. Perhaps Wyker’s greatest achievement to date is his crusade to gain additional and deserved recognition for the late Eddie Hinton, member of the Five Men-Its and other Bama bands .

Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 10:18 PM
Subject: John D Wyker- The Hinton Texts

Just picked the recent re-issue of Eddie's "Very Extremely Dangerous" and was automatically taken by your lengthy but profound essay on Eddie. Easily the most enlightening data I've yet to read on Eddie and let's be honest- as someone who knew Eddie for thirty years give or take you had the qualifications and insight. For years I've often dreamed of writing the definitive Hinton book/biography but really I'd be just a fraud and mouthpiece at best. I never had the privelege of knowing Eddie or knowing what he was about....sure I loved and still love his craft/art but I don't think I have the genuine right stuff to be his biographer. Your essay really puts the rest of us to so perfectly humanised Eddie in those paragraphs I makes me appreciate his music even more than I thought possible. There's that gift of the Southern storyteller again!! Yup, Eddie left this world not receiving the reverence and acclaim he so deserved but each year his legend increases and his music touches more. That' can only be good but in my perfect world I always wished Eddie could have existed in his own space....sorta like Bob Dylan. Adhering entirely to his own muse and having the freedom to create his music on his own terms and in his own time. Completely free of music industry weasels telling him how it should be thus allwing all the wonderful rought cut gems of Southern music to emerge unfettered. Eddie Hinton- a giant among men. My proud of what you wrote as i'm proud of it. And proud of you!! Love from Down UnderMichael Mac

Top left are the Webbs who backed Roy Orbison on his first Eurpopean tour ; members included Bobby Goldsboro, John Rainey and others. "Sure, Roy, the boys can read."

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The Riot of Waycross, Georgia causes one at the City Auditorium (top left)
Doug Clark & The H.N. s ( Get'em from the P-nut man) & Ron Moody & The Centaurs

The Candymen rode high at the exhibit; lead singer Rodney Justo was on hand to represent the storied band

More Prophet taking at the Hey Baby Days exhibition

“You Got Love” by the Five Jays ( with vocals by Joe Ray Dowell) makes the bumper crop on the Rollye James Show.
( I had a premonition that she would like this little Beach tune that flew well beneath the radar.) Joe Ray Dowell was a member of Gastonia, North Carolina’s Spontanes.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 21, 2009 (Rollye James Show)7:36 You Got Love - Five Jays8:06 Under The Boardwalk - Drifters (request)8:36 Are You Ready For This - Jay & The Techniques9:06 Wildfire - Michael Murphy (request- obviously)9:36 I Know The Inside Story - Cubby & The Turnpikes

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