Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recapping Hey Baby Days on the Rollye James Show and Dancin', Shaggin' in Fort Payne

Big night this past Friday with Rollye James and Big Day in Fort Payne Dancin’Shaggin’ on the Boulevard

We spent three great hours with Rollye James Friday night talking about the Heeey Baby Days while she played a 20 or more cuts from the soundtrack of the Hey Baby Days. Rollye knows her music and we hope to have a return visit in the future. Rollye is an advocate of “the Music” Just view the listing of the four tunes that is posted at music at her site. But that is just the tip; she plays at least a dozen more great songs during her three hour show. She is definitely a friend of Beach Music! This Friday night, she has the ‘Fessa John Hook back on… Between the two of us… a Webster’s quality definition of Beach Music will soon emerge.

Also, on Friday… my partner and I finally closed the sale of a former bakery in the City of Fort Payne, Alabama. It had been on the market for some time. We were so happy to finally get it sold, we asked the super group, Alabama, to come to the closing and perform… “Dancin’ Shaggin’ on the Boulevard.” Well, they were not able to come but we still felt the event called for some Alabama Beach Music… it’s the perfect song to play after closing a sale in Fort Payne, Alabama or while cruising in a convertible down Ocean Boulevard.


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