Sunday, November 23, 2008

Double Shot, Cyril Vetter, Deacon John, Jump Blues of New Orleans

Hi Greg:

You haven't heard much from me lately since I've been rocking back and forth in the dark closet what w/ the market meltdown and the Tiger meltdown occurring simultaneously! I did want to say that I checked out your blog and it's pretty cool. Also, I'm going to send you the link to a widget, which will allow you (or your readers!) to check out the Deacon John documentary. So if you get an email from clearspring, don't delete on the link and check out "Going Back To New Orleans, The Deacon John Film." I hope all's well w/ you.

Stay well and stay in touch,



Great to hear from you... interestingly I was in Athens last night to see the Four Tops and at dinner prior to the concert, someone, not me (believe it or not) brought up "Double Shot." said a friend of theirs from Athens wrote the song and got royalties every time it was played. Don't want to use the name but It wasn't Don Smith or Cyril Vetter. I quickly set the record straight and before the night was over, I had a copy of the book in the hands of all six couples. I told them that they could learn more about the most productive twenty minutes of Cyril Vetter's life in the book. I was not sure what type of royalty he was receiving but I told them that it wasn't for writing the song. However, I still have a few convinced that the Medallions cut their hit version of yours and Don’s song at the Phi Delt house at UGA. UPDATE: Cyril Vetter e-mailed to confirm that there is in fact a gentleman from Athens, Georgia who receives a portion of the publishing royalties for "Double Shot" (of My Baby's Love) which is certainly fitting given the song's history in the classic city. The Swingin' Medallions played the song constantly at fraternities long before they committed their party fried version to vinyl. The record get sets even straighter.

Agree, it's been meltdown city, market, Tigers and to some, the Dawgs. As big of a Dawg fan as I am, I think that 9-2 in the S.E.C. is very respectable. Expectations for Georgia were so high that anything less than the National title was a letdown.

I am very excited about putting the Deacon John widget on the site. A friend of Nora’s and mine from high school and college lives in New Orleans not far from your friend, J.C. She says that she has met Deacon and said he is such a nice person. She even knows Clarence "Frogman" Henry. I never knew she was as much into the music but I urged to get his the Deacon John Jump Blues DVD.

Finally, at Nora's family reunion at St. Simons in July, one of her first cousins who is from Metairie was in charge of the entertainment and it was ALL the music of New Orleans and she had the Deacon John DVD. I have to get the DVD. My son, Gregory was awarded my Deacon John CD.

Going to reprint the email in the blog. Hopefully we will have a lot of folks that will check out Deacon John. We just recently started the blog and have had a lot of interest.



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