Friday, November 21, 2008

Will The Number One Soul Band Please Report To The National Guard Armory ?

From time to time, we are going to look back over the statistics for the web site: and post to the blog some of the most widely read or viewed items at the site. One that has received a lot of interest is a story presented in Chapter 16 of “The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music” titled “Will the Number One Soul Band Please Report to the National Guard Armory?” Many of the musicians of the 60s can relate to this tongue in cheek story especially if their band was one whose play list was oriented to the R&B side of the charts. When these bands performed, they did not need to run out and find a James Brown type cape, they had a supply on hand. The uncorrected proof of this story is available at the web site and can be viewed by clicking on the link that follows.

The bands mentioned in the story such as the Rockin’ Gibraltars, Rubber Band, Mouse, The Boys and Brass, King David & The Slaves, and the Swingin’ Medallions were just a few of the bands that might have been referred to in such grand terms “ The Number One Soul Band” but there are likely dozens of others that might have been billed or referred to in such a manner. Email us with the names of other bands that might have received such a billing. When introducing the band to a crowd, maybe an over enthusiastic promoter said: “Ladies and Gentlemen , let’s bring to the stage, the Number One Soul Band, The ______ ________.”

By the beginning of the 70s, there were not many bands left that wanted an association with “Soul” as we pointed out in the book. The late 60s and particularly 1969 was a big year for band name changes as there were literally hundreds of bands with essentially the same band members realizing that they had to have a new name because they were playing the new heavier rock music and the band members no longer dressed alike.

Soul Inc. became Freedom
The In-Men Ltd. became Peace Core
King David & The Slaves became The Third World Band
Tip Tops became Maniacs
Rockin’ Gibraltars Became Heart

Essentially any band that had “Soul” in their name was mandated to change. We listed a few at the site but there were undoubtedly many more. Remember the names of any bands back in the 60s that had a “soulful” name? Check the list . Did the band go out of business or did they simply change their name ?

Who did we miss?

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