Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mark Seven Album and a Message From King Edward and the BDs

Subject: Re: Looking for the Mark Seven Album

Hey Greg,

I am looking to purchase the only album that the Mark Seven
ever made. Can you put me in touch with someone who would
sell this to me?


Sandy B.


Are you referring to the Mark Seven from Hawkinsville, Georgia ?
I know that they released a 45 RPM but was unaware of an album.
If that is in fact the band that you are looking for, then I can give
you an email address of one of that band's members.


Greg Haynes

Yes, that is who I am talking about it. Danny and Terry Martin
are both deceased now - they were friends of mine and so was
their cousin, Rusty Jessup, who also died.



Attached is the email address, address and phone number for
Gary Coley one of the members of Mark Seven. If you are able
to locate the album, I would be very interested in knowing the
name of the cuts that were included. I bet there is at least one
Tams’ cover and maybe even a Swingin’ Medallion one.
You know they were one of the better Swingin’ Medallion
knock-off bands out there during the Heeey Baby Days.



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A Message From The King (King Edward and the BD’s)

Sir Greg

Haven't talked to you in a while but the band been busy this summer from producing a new song and recording to many show dates. As I get older I have found out why this music business is for the young guys. I use to play a show on Saturday night and was ready to go the next morning, NOW!!, its Tuesday before I am not tired, but what FUN!!. Thanks to you for re igniting the fire in these old musicians to Never Give it UP. Congrats!! on the book sell out, I new it would happen. Check out the beachmusic45 link in the below message. Thought you would like to see how our song is doing that we recorded this spring for Ripete Records. Keep in touch and I hope to see you soon. You Sir Greg, you have made a large footprint in music history that will be remembered and cherished by many for years to come. I know I will.

We played the Urbana Oyster Festival a few weeks ago and a lady had bought the book and wanted us to sign it. She couldn't carry is all day so we signed a set list and she was going to keep it with the book. Thanks again for you dedication and love for the music. I hope you lovely wife is doing well and again regards and love from our BD Band COURT!!

Be Blessed

Ed the KING Martin
King Edward and the B.D. s Band

Greg check out my daughters boyfriends band Blue Turtle Seduction. They are quite a unique act. They are helping with many different eco- friendly projects. My daughter writes a link on their site called Deep Blue. I am so proud of her work. Check them out. We are trying to get them out here to the east coast for some show dates and to help out with their message.


Your Hineness,

I am very pleased to hear from you and thank you for those kind words about the book. Like the lady you reference in your email, I too get a little weary carrying the book around. We still only hit the very surface of what is out there about the great bands of the Hey Baby Days … so we decided to start a blog and will continue to focus on bands like King Edward and the BDs as we did recently with The In-Men Ltd. of Burlington, North Carolina. Look for a post in the next day or so about King Edward and the BDs. We intend to focus the blog around bands that are in the book and those that should have been. We know we missed a few.

Your humble servant

Sir Gregory
Earl of HeyBaby

Sir Greg

Thanks for answering back. It's been a while. I know you are excited about the book selling out. I think we need to have a book sell out PARTY!! We need to find a central location and put it on for a charity. I know the BD's would love to play. Let’s talk and see what we can put together for next spring.

The blog thing is a great idea and if you would like to have some current pictures or recent shows, I know Karen would e-mail them to you to post in the blog. The Urbanna Oyster Festival was a great show.

I have been requested by some club owners to give them a picture of the original band and a little history about the band to place on their walls in the clubs. Of course, I had to ask, Bathroom, or other? They agreed it would not be the bathroom! I was wondering if you have access to any of the layout art work from the book about the band. I would love to use the HeyBabyDays info for it. That is if you would give me permission to do so. I can't think of a better place to gather this information from for this type of request. If there is any cost I will be glad to pay for it.

Also just another bit of GOOD NEWS!!! about the BD's new song. Karen received an e-mail from Marion Carter yesterday saying that our song, Is You Is, has been cleared to be posted for down load on Apple I-tune sometime after the first of the year.
Thanks again for helping these old guys keep plugging and playing the best music around. We talk about how lucky we are to still be performing.

Be Blessed

Ed Martin

King Edward,

Normally it’s the King that makes grants but in this case, a lowly Earl can make a grant to the King for a limited use license to the King for use of that portion of the book that relates to King Edward & The BDs. I will find out the best way to do that; we might want to make that excerpt available on the blog. I will check and determine the feasibility and get back to you.


Sir Greg

King Edward,

I really love the cover the BDs did of “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?”
You will receive tomorrow the PDF excerpt from the book which you can use as you have requested and if printed for display should bear at bottom: copyright Greg Haynes Atlanta Georgia USA 2006You can also use it at your website with same as above plus add for more go to www.heybabydays.comWe will post a the book excerpt on the blog as well.


Sir Greg

Note: The excerpt from the book will be published on the blog in the very near future

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