Monday, November 10, 2008

In-Men Ltd. with Monzas at Elon University

Welcome to the first post for the Hey Baby Days blog !

While we may digress from time to time, our primary focus will be the bands, music and places of "The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music." We will also detail some of our experiences during the five plus year journey it took to memorialize a very special time in our lives. If you never raised your arms, waved and sang the chorus to Bruce Chanel's classic, this may not be the blog for you. If you wonder what Bruce's classic was all about, then you might want to find out more about Bruce and his harmonica player at the time of the classic's release, Delbert McClinton. After publishing the book in October of 2006, we continue to get a steady stream of information related to that historic period of music and "the party." While we will continue to recollect the R&B music of the 60s ( also referred to as Beach Music in many circles ), we will mix yesterday with today because so many of those from the Heeey Baby days have now graduated either to "The Never Gonna Give It Up Club" or to "The Party To End All Parties." If you haven't read the book, those two entities may seem a little odd to you but stay tuned, we'll explain, eventually. While the book includes 800 images, we probably have that many more photos that didn't make the book because of book weight considerations. Topping out at nearly 13 pounds, our Hong Kong based printer advised us that they could not assure us that the binding would hold if we couldn't find an ending. We found closure but not necessarily an ending. Many more photos are coming via the blog.We have been updating book events and adding information at the "Comments section" at the book site. We came to the conclusion that the better way to continue the journey would be through a blog connected to the web site. Today's Comments at the site will be the last as we begin the Hey Baby Days blog.For all who contributed to the book or who were part of the great era and for those who want to know what "The Hey Baby Days" were all about, join in the continuation of the Heeey Baby Days via The Hey Baby Days blog. Thanks to Captain Craig for maintaining in a most professional manner We especially thank him for encouraging us to start the blog.

Friday, November 7, 2008 Elon University, North Carolina

Seven of the nine musicians shown on the
above 1967 promotional photo performed
Friday night Novevember 7 at Elon University
(Burlington, NC)

Skip Hinshaw, lead vocalist
Sonny Long, guitar
"Moose" Smith, keyboards
Tommy Rogers, drums
Garth Hutson, trumpet
Howard Eaton, Trumpet
Tommy Burgess, saxophone
Plus Jerry Clapp, guitar (1969)

And if that was not enough:

Skip Hinshaw, In-Men Ltd. lead vocalist , and
original Monza lends vocals to "Hey, I Know You"
with back up vocals by "The First Ladies of Beach Music",
Linda "Quig" Quinlin James and
Sharon Hinshaw Copeland

Geoff Smith, sings vocals on 2007 In-Men Ltd.
hit "Rythmn" as father Moose Smith provides
backing on key boards. More to come from Geoff
on soon to be released In-Men Ltd. CD

It's a family affair ! as Susanna Smith reprises
Etta James' "At Last" one of the great cuts coming
on the new In-Men Ltd. CD

In-Men Ltd horn section included three originals:
R to L: Garth Hutson, Howard Eaton and
Tommy Burgess. Garth and Howard now perform
with the Attractions Band , another of the great
bands of Burlington.

Original In-Men Ltd. drummer, Tommy Rogers

At Guitar, Jerry Clapp, who joined In-Men Ltd.
in 1969

AND Dr. Sonny Long, original and always
an In-Men Ltd. on guitar

What a great way to start the blog! The very special event on
the campus of Elon University was part of the University's
homecoming events. The all star cast of original members
of the In-Men Ltd and the Monzas was special. The legends of
Beach Music and Northern Soul, most of whom were alums of
Elon University made it very authenic. Help us begin the blog
by sharing memories of the In-Men Ltd. and the Monzas or one
of the other eleven dozen great bands from the Burlington/Greensboro


Ken Sparks said...

I remember a group that called themselves "The Elons" about 1968 or so. Performed some in Panama City, Fl with The Pieces of Eight and us, The Original Villagers. I believe they were from that area. Remember them?

heybabydays said...


Sorry to be slow in responding but I saw your comment for the first time today. First, it would not surprise me to find out that there was a band from the Burlingtion area called the Elons. As far as the band that you remember playing with at P.C. called the Elons... if my memory serves me, I do think they may have become the second group of Pieces of Eight."The Elons" may have been from the general Atlanta area. This is a great comment and I hope others will read and follow up. I may go to the Pieces of Eight web site and ask them but there was a connectiion, I do believe. Following up a little more, I saw a question on the web some time back from someone asking if "Lonely Drifter" by The Pieces of Eight utilized the same back up vocals as "The Lonely Drifter" by the O'Jays because the inquirer thought the voices sounded identical. The answer is no but it was a great compliment to the Pieces of Eight who made that song a classic with the great vocals of Ken Helser and the riveting horns.