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Adding "I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" to the play list

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"I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" written by John McElrath was released on Smash following "Double Shot" Both it and the flip side "Night Owl" have a certain party feel reminiscent of the 60s. "Night Owl" was a popular frat party song at LSU . The brothers in a fraternity way down yonder petitioned the Medallions ( who had discovered the party life of The Bayou) to record the song... which they did. It was written by B. Loveless and C. Vetter. C. Vetter aka Cyril Vetter ( drummer for Baton Rogue's Greek Fountains ) and Don Smith (drummer for Dick Holler's Holidays) scored bigger with "Double Shot."

Gene, ( Glee the DJ on Thursdays show)

I thought that your show last night was excellent. From the romping "black drawers" to the smooth, ice man, Jerry Butler; I enjoyed every tune. I got to hear most of it with just a little break to get some chow. It was good to "hear" Greg's voice as well. I think the article put up on the HBD site should surely arouse some interest in the show. It just seemed like a natural match up of audience interest.

I'll keep listening. Its easy to minimize the player and just go about whatever computer task you have, while enjoying the music. My machine is rigged with an Altec speaker system with a small sub woofer, so I get a pretty decent sound. Again, I enjoyed it; keep up the good picks.

John ( Bradley) Dynamic Consouls

Ditto to John’s comments; I thought you have a good selection of music, blending classics with current Beach Music as well as infusing some non Beach Music. Part of the enjoyment to listening to a show like that is to get the small historical tidbits. Wasn’t Cliff Nobles that sang the vocals on the backside of “The Horse ?” Did Jackie Wilson end his shows with “Amen ?” Your audience can listen to the music and “Google” to find out.

Keep up the good work.




My thanks to you kind sir! It was a pleasure having you participate in last night's show and I hope your schedule will allow you to listen again. You and John Bradley have both been a blessing to me. I sincerely appreciate the help in spreading the word and I hope I have as much success with my show as you have had with your book. The HBDBM was such gift to everyone who lived the life and loved the music of the 60's in the South! Thank you again for your devotion and writing of this book!

Gene Lee


Thanks for your kind words about the book. I just got off the phone with John McElrath . I sent him the info on the blog so he’ll read about the show and will probably listen in next week as well. I’ll also remind him so if you got any copies of “I Don’t Want To Lose You Baby” or “Night Owl” you may want to cue them up for next Thursday’s show. lol. I kid John about the first one which has some very 60s lyrics but the song has great tempo.




Greg. I'll check my collection. unfortunately...or maybe has grown to such proportions that I don't really know what I've if at all possible.. I'll have them on. It would be great to have John join us! Thanks again.



Which versions of these songs do I want? I find the "I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" by Chad & Jeremy ...and..."Night Owl" by Gerry Rafferty. Are these the songs you are referring to? Thanks for your help!



According to John only about 7 or 8 were sold so it’s doubtful you have one and I am not giving up mine . lol



Do you have a means of sending me an mp3 file of the song?



I can probably do that and do you have last night's play list. I'd like to post it because I want HBDBM bloggers to see what they missed last night.



Gene had a great song playlist last night as follows:

Playlist for Mar. 12,2009

Music Therapy on Our Generation Radio

1. Meet Me With Yo’ Black Drawers On (Gloria Hardiman)

2. Lay Around And Love On You ( Ray Charles)

3. Private Number(Judy Clay & William Bell)

4. One Foot Draggin’(Band of Oz)

5. I Love You 1,000 Times ( The Platters)

6. Only The Strong Survive ( Jerry Butler)

7. Let’s Get Loose (Clovers

8. Pour Your Little Heart Out (Drifters)

9. Rabbit Got The Gun (Holiday Band)

10. The Horse (Cliff Nobles)

11. Rainy Day Bells (Harlem Globetrotters)

12. Sea Cruise (Men of Distinction)

13. A Thousand Miles Away(……..)

14.Can I Change My Mind (Epics)

15. Goin Back To Louisana ( Delbert McClinton)

16.Doin The Shag (OC Smith)

17. Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool Ya (Kays)

18. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (Al Green)

19. I Want A Love I Can See (Angel Rissoff)

20. Give Me Some Sugar Baby (Miranda Louise)
21. Amen (Epics

22. Shake That Thang (Fantastic Shakers)

23. Savannah In The Rain (Griff)

24. The Doo Wop Song (Kays)

25.Too Late To Turn Back Now ( Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose)

26. Quiet Place ( Garnett Mims & The Enchanters)

27. I Go Crazy (Buddy Guy)

28. Never Ending Love For You (Delaney Bramlett)

29. Trickle, Trickle (Breeze Band)

30. Traces ( Dennis Yost & The Classics IV)

31.Lady Soul(Temptations)

32. This Magic Moment (Rick James)

33. Take Another Piece of My Heart (Deacon John & Jump Blues)

34. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (Tams)

34. Over The Rainbow (Band Of Oz)

35. Security (Otis Redding)

36.Together (Intruders)

36. When A Man Loves A Woman ( Percy Sledge)

37. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Rod Stewart)

If you like the kind of music listed above put next 7:00 PM next Thursday night on your calendar because DJ Glee will be spinning another
two hours of great grooves.

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