Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Radio Program: A Sensational Epic

Sensational Epics 1966 promo photo above
First recorded the classic "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy"
On HBDMB Disk One

Sensational Epics' Trumpeter Gene Lee is DJ GLee on Internet Radio Program

check it out this Thursday Night 7:00 PM EST (tune in instructions below)

Hey Greg,

The blog on the HBD site really seems to have been a success. New information and news is flowing in at a steady rate. I have made it a habit to swing by often to check for new entries. Apparently the blog was a great step in the evolution of the site.

In the last month or so I became aware of an Internet radio program, "Music Therapy." This airs from 7 to 9 PM each Thursday. The host is billed as DJ GLee, who in real life is Gene Lee. Gene, as you know, is the long time trumpet player for the Sensational Epics. From the photographic evidence on the HBD site the two of you were spotted together at the SC State Museum event; as Gene attempted to show you some "stage moves!"

As you might imagine, he is playing some fine music on his show and providing some interesting background on the tunes and artists. A bonus feature is a chat room on the site where you can interact with Gene and other listeners in real time. While he doesn't strictly confine his play list to "Beach Music," I think you would find all the selections agreeable. Of course, he is well qualified to present and comment on songs from the HBD, due to his long term, active involvement with that genre.

I wanted to let you know about it because you may enjoy giving it a listen. Also, I reasoned it may be something you would want to share on the HBD blog. If so, I am sure that you and Gene could provide an interesting blog entry; maybe with a couple historic Epics' photos and a blurb about the show.

I mentioned that I was going to let you know about his program and he asked me to give you a "hello" from him. You probably already have his email, but for convenience it’s
He could give you a better idea of what he's up to with the show.

Greg, I hope you will enjoy this program. As always, I am continuing to be delighted with the success of your endeavor. At one time it felt like the HBD phenomenon was winding down, but it seems it was just changing gears. In my estimation it continues to be a great, worthwhile venture that has brought smiles to many people.


John (Bradley) Dynamic Consouls


Thanks for your comments about HBD. As long as we keep getting the number of visits we get to the site and blog, we intend to keep it going… might even publish a supplement as we have gained quite a bit of additional information and photos. Thanks for your continued support.

Regarding the Event at the State Museum of SC, you have it backwards. I was actually showing Gene some stage moves. I am well known for my stage moves… just ask the Jesters or the Swingin’ Medallions. I will admit that the Epics were easier for me to train than others. LOL

I was aware that Gene Lee has an awesome record collection because he showed me a sample of it when I visited him in Columbia prior to the publication of the book. He made significant contributions to the book and I am pleased to hear he is undertaking such a project because I know he is very qualified to give “Our Generation” a two hour trip down memory lane. I just hope “Our Generation” has the technical savvy to follow the instructions you have given me that are listed below. My guess is that the program is worth asking a child or perhaps a grandchild to help you to “tune in.”


Tune In Instructions

Go to site

Click "listen live" button

These options are given - "Low Band, High Band and My Own"

Select, "My Own"

You will be given several options. Windows users, pick "WMP High Band"

Also in order to use the chat room you may have to log on using the FireFox browser.

After listening to show, drop us an email and tell us what you think.

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Monique said...

could you please tell Gene Lee hello for me,and that i miss him very much,and think of him every day.And to contact me.Give him a big hug for me.Thanks