Monday, March 16, 2009

The rare time that I was a Good Egg

A proud possession signed by the Candymen in August of 1968; Robert Nix referred to me as a "A Good Egg." ( Some may disagree)


Hope your doing good! I'd like too put you more in the loop of what Alison Heafner and our band are doing! It's pretty exciting and I think you would really dig it! I'll start sending you stuff this week. In a nutshell, we have been kicking some major butt with her music in France and Europe. They seem to have a musical brain and heart over there and that's a good thing! Robert Register has been kind of keeping up on what's going on with the French radio, so ask him what it's all about! Thanks for all you are doing for our Southern Art Bro'! Love what you do!!

Robert Nix

Roy Orbison's the Candymen
the Atlanta Rhythm Section, and the
Alison Heafner/Robert Nix Band..

Visit Alison Heafner's My space site as follows:


Great to hear from you. We would be proud to add to our postings more about Alison Heafner and the Robert Nix band. One of the objectives of the blog is to keep alive the great names of "our generation" e.g. the Candymen, Wilbur Walton and the James Gang, Webs, Classics IV, Tams , Swingin' Medallions, Sensational Epics, (Does this sound like a commercial for Bill Lowery Talent ?) We are especially happy to promote their efforts as members of that elite club, "The Never Gonna Give it Up Club." Seems like a lot of members of the club are still going strong: Randall Bramblett, the Catalinas , John Townsend, Embers, Wilbur Walton & The Strange Gang, Swingin' Medallions, Robert Nix, the Tams, General Johnson and Chairman of the Board, Chuck Leavell, Jerry Butler, Clifford Curry and on and on... And many of them are recording !

I have been very impressed that the Europeans are still into our music of the 60s and 70s. It's the best music ever. Roberto does an incredible job of getting his message out there. I just hope I am half as effective. More referrals come to from Robert's blog that any other (non-search engine ) source.



"A Good Egg"

Hi Greg,
I've been catching up on your blog messages. Have been busy reading your book and am about 2/3 the way through. I'm finding it very interesting. My two Swingin' Medallion CD's that I ordered are on their way to me. Do you know where I can get the ones that are "unavailable" on and through their web site? Off hand I can't remember all the names, but one is called (I believe) The Sun, The Sand, The Sea. I was very happy to receive a "thank you" email from Ms. Barbara Lewis today thanking my husband and me for flying all the way from Hawaii to Los Angeles to see her in concert. We met a professional photographer, Abran Rubiner, at the concert and asked him to email us if he got some good shots of her performing. He did, and I am attaching the three photos. (I think the lei we gave her really added to the pictures.) Ms. Lewis told me she has been on the road a lot and will be leaving for a performance in Portland, Oregan in a few days. I am so happy for her because I could tell that she absolutely loves to perform "live", and her voice is incredible. The night I met her I told her I wished she would record an album/CD of classic love songs. Aloha,


Thanks for your e-mail. Glad you are so far along in the book. I would be interested in getting your comments after you have finished the last text chapter ( The Party To End All Parties)You always give me ideas for postings. Most of my blog postings come from emails I get such as today’s header about Alison Heafner and the Robert Nix band. I know you saw Robert (Nix) perform back in the 60s being from Dothan, He was a member of the musicians’ band, the Candymen. (a “musicians band is a band that other musicians would pay to see perform)I don't know if Barbara (Lewis) has a President of her fan club. If not , I nominate you ! Y'all sound like a good match. I was trying to think if there was another female that has as much impact on Beach Music as Barbara Lewis (back in the day) as her; and about the only others I could come up with are Janice Barnett, Linda Qunlin, and Sharon Hinshaw ( none of whom had anything in the Top Forty but were certainly worthy) Susan Trexler is another one with a wonderful voice and if you have never heard any of her music , you should ! I am not sure she was performing back in the Hey Baby Days and I would never ask ! There are some others such as the female vocalist for December's Children, Susy of Susy and the Layman, the Sandpipers (Pensacola),and others that will come to mind just after I send this back to you. There's also some great new talent out there to compliment those mentioned above such as Alison Heafner, Melissa Doolittle ( thanks for turning her on to me), Rhonda McDaniel, Terri Gore , and others The "Sun, Sand & Sea " album by the Medallions is one that I partnered with John McElrath on back in 1981. It featured several songs that John wrote back them including "Going To The Beach Club”, “Charlie McGruders” and covers by the 1981 Medallions of the Original “66 bands album cuts plus “Hey, Baby” of course. I might be able to help you out on “The Sun, Sand & The Sea.” The title cut was released as a single as well and was written by John. It like many of John’s compostions deserved a better fate.



Jeffers66 said...

Love the Candymen picture! What's John Rainey pointing to?

heybabydays said...

Jeff, Good question, I'm not sure but that was not an uncommon expression back then; maybe a little research and we'll know. John Rainey, "what a talent!" he was leading edge... should have received greater fame.



P.S. I'm going to take some time today and review your blog... it has to be enormously interesting.

Mike from New Orleans said...


My question is in regards to the Candymen. Was Berry Oakley a member of the Candymen or did he play with them on occasion?

I read a comment from Bobby Nix on the Berry Oakley myspace refering to them hanging out in 1968 or so.

Just stumbled on to The Alison Heafner Band surfing around.

I am a big Dickey Betts fan and he is still, running wild out on the road just like a leaf on the wind, as he writes in Seven Turns. At the young age of 66.

Like the tunes from Alison and Bobby and the oldies from ARS.

I love the classic southern Rock/blues/jazz gumbo music sound. Thanks for helping to keep it alive.

Dickey Betts fanatic from New Orleans

P.S. Would love for Alison and the band to make their way down to New Jazzfest or French Quarter there a tour schedule for them?

heybabydays said...


Sorry I just realized that emails do not come to me rather they are left in the Comments area of the blog so this almost 6 month lag in responding is my poor excuse.

It's possible that Berry Oakley could have sat in with the Candymen as it was not uncommon for musicians to fill in for other musicians when there was a need. However, it would have been rare because the Candymen were a tight unit up until 1969 . All that remained of the original band by then was John Rainey Adkins but he was a huge talent. After the Roemans, Berry of course ended up with the ABB.