Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Georgia Prophets' Barbara (Scott) Goudy passes away in Augusta

Hi Greg –

I played with Barbara (Billy and Barbara Scott) in the original GA Prophets. Sadly she passed away last Sunday. During those early years with the group life was beautiful and she was an inspiration to us all and much fun to travel with and perform together. I'm also attaching a picture of a new grave marker for Roy Smith. He was buried in an old Augusta cemetery but with no marker. Some mutual friends, some in your book, recently got together and had one made and put in place. Alan Cooke headed up that effort.

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Jimmy Campbell

I really like your book on Beach Music. It's a thrill for me to own it and be part of it.


I really appreciate your sending me a note.

It’s timely as the news of Barbara’s death is the current posting at the Hey Baby Days blog. We started the blog because we felt it could be a forum to continue sharing memories of those great musical days and those bands like the Georgia Prophets who gave some many of us a lifetime of memories. The less enjoyable part is the occasional passing along of sadder news such as Barbara’s death. Many will certainly appreciate the thoughts you shared. It’s also sad to think a talent like Roy Smith would be buried in an unmarked grave. The “mutual” friends of Roy’s who got together to place the headstone depicted above have our admiration.



Barbara J. Goudy "Big Mama" Pendleton

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Entered into rest Tuesday, March 3, 2009, Ms. Barbara J. "Big Mama" Goudy Pendleton, of Hillsinger Road. A memorial mass will be celebrated Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 10 a.m. at The Church of the Most Holy Trinity with Father Michael Lubinsky as celebrant. The family will receive friends this evening at the funeral home from 7-8 p.m. with a vigil for the deceased beginning at 7 p.m. with Father Michael Lubinsky officiating. Barbara Jean was educated in Augusta, Ga. at Lucy C. Laney High School. She was a long time faithful member of The Church of the Most Holy Trinity. She loved first God, her loving family and friends. Survivors are a loving and devoted daughter, Sonia (Vernon) D'Antignac, Sr., Hephzibah; two brothers, John O. (Paula) Goudy and Jerome N. Goudy, Augusta; a devoted sister, Portrice (Freddie) Rucker; seven grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, relatives, and friends. Friends may call 811 Spruce Street or W. H. Mays Mortuary, 1221 James Brown Boulevard, Augusta, Ga. 30901. (706) 722- 6401. Sign the guestbook at

Photos from the top:

The Original Georgia Prophets

Billy and Barbara on stage 1969

"Baby, baby baby ... please let me have your number."

Barbara Scott Goudy passed away yesterday in Augusta, Georgia . Her memory will remain perpetually in the minds and hearts of all lovers of Beach Music. Her voice appears on most all the hits of the Georgia Prophets, the legendary band that started in Augusta and frequented the clubs and frats of the Southeast in the 60s. While they may be called Prophets to some, they will always be known as the Georgia Prophets on this side of the river. Jerry McElveen wrote a wonderful story about the band, its beginning and rise to great popularity among fans of the R&B brand of music that Southerners refer to as Beach Music; we were indeed honored to publish his story in “The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music.” Billy Scott made significant contributions to the book including the photo of he and Barbara above titled “Private Number” which must have been taken while he and Barbara were covering “William Bell & Judy Clay’s” Beach Music classic. Without question their rendition had to be great because it seemed that most everything the band did back in the day drew praise. While “I Got The Fever” is the song most associated with the band, their body of work is significant and continues today through Billy. Please refer to the band’s directory at for a listing of the songs and the distinguished personnel that comprises the legacy of the band.

None was more distinguished than Barbara. She and Billy and the band set great examples for others as to how black and white Americans could work together for the love of music.


BakerBaker said...

Barbara and Billy Scott and the Georgia Profits were the best loved band of Coker College in the early 70's. RIP, Barbara.

Jaybird1 said...

I knew Roy Smith when I was a kid. He Lived on Hemlock Drive in the late 60's. Used to let me and some other kids listen to him jam. Man had a voice that was a gift from God. His son(Randy) and ex wife are still in Augusta. Run into them infrequently.Had an old 45 of him singing "Lost In a Dream" that was "liberated" from me some years back.And yes RS could tickle the ivories.One of the most talented singers that too few are aware of.I still have the fever. The Georgia Prophets were bad to the bone.Those guys would get you off your ass, on your feet. and shaking your booty.
Peace and positive karma to all who were part of the Southern music scene back in the day. Many are gone but will not be forgotten.

hoopahybrid55 said...

i was one of the many augusta drummers that played with roy smith's band:serenity-roy smith v/keys//jimmy maples bass//fredie williamson g/v-original phrofets guitarist/richard hooper drums,,1984-right after i left,jimmy prometed roys 1st recording of his own "i got the fever"-with local musicians,jimmy played tamborene on this,mike brigham-drums,,known for his work with "gary morris"-"dave loggins"- and the local phenomomal band"buford"-live@sky city-can be purchesed by contacting,frank brittingham,jamie brantley sreve brantley on facebook,,,steve produced "myrtle beach nites"-roy's last recorded effort,and played bass,organ,vocals/bruce deas-guitar-vocals/jamie jones-drums/david bryan-guitar/drums-randy johnson/todd owens-trumpet,trombone/sax-jim autry/keys-clayton ivey///and of course tha incredible voice of ROY SMITH-keyboards/background-vocals lynn houston,,sadly roy passed away before cd was pressed,but he heard final mixes and was very pleased.///then i played with roy,jimmy,jennifer garmon,and "ronnie milsap's 30 year bassist-warren gower-who played the most incredible guitar work you could ever ask for/after leaving roy's band,warren left for milsap-which btw includes jamie brantley which to this day records and tours w/ronnie.i am humbley honored knowing i backed roy on some of the finest gigs ever.1989,i continued playing with augusta group's,turning down offers-platters-ronnie dove-at one point "james brown's bassist "david weston-can be seen in 1st blues bros. movie with mr. brown was in my band-racism was an issue and david quit to go on the road w/james.i saw him in mcdonld's 6 weeks later-he asked me to come to rehearsal,said i wasnt good enough,he said i was,well hindsight being what it is:who knows.? i was also a friend to billy scott of course famed ga.prophets-included janet helm,walter stanley,fred williamson,tommy witcher,alan cooke:all original members of prophets,,i've read exerpts from hey baby and thourley enjoyed it:it point blank gives credit where credit is due...!!!billy scott-roy smith-barbara goudy were gifted vocalists,roy also wrote most of prophets 2010 i had a stroke,having quit playing in 1999,by 2012 i rehabed myself enough to buy another set,now rehearsing 7 days a week from awakening till 10:00 pm,,you better know some of roy's & billy's songs will be on the setlist,,,thanx-richard hooper,,augusta ga.

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Katura and I am in search of band members and back up singers from Billy Scott and the Georgia Prophets, my Mom Frankie, made up the second backup singer for Billy and Barbara, any leads would be wonderful.

katura nance said...

Hi my name is Katura and I am in search of band members and back up singers from Billy Scott and the Georgia Prophets, my Mom Frankie, made up the second backup singer for Billy and Barbara, any leads would be wonderful.

Unknown said...

My grandparents were the best. The second grandchild of Barbara and Billy. 😀 Hi 👋 Highland Park Augusta Georgia ⛳ Home of The Masters ✈
Thank you all for your condolences and prayers. May God keep you and bless you. We're hanging in there because she really meant a lot to us. All the memories I've had and she raised her family right. I really miss her.I miss both of my grandparents. I miss home. But thanks again 🙏