Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come Go With Me To Long Island and the Dell-Vikings

Greg & Nora with the Dell-Vikings

helpful hint: aways have a pocket comb available if you're to going to have your picture made with a famous band

Smooth... that's about the best way I can describe the Dell-Vikings. Nora and I saw them live in person this past Saturday night and even got our photos made with one of the most famous vocal groups of the Doo Wop era. Nora's first cousin, Kay Ullman of Sands Point, NY was honored for her tremendous contributions to the school district and we attended the gala which featured a performance by the masters of Doo Wop... HOWEVER, they did end their show with a Beach Music classic, "Higher & Higher" Jackie Wilson style. My guess is the Dell Vikings could have covered many more artists very well like the Drifters, Clovers, etc but why cover others when you have your own great hits including "Whispering Bells", "Come Go with Me", "The Jitterbug" and others. Like many groups from the bygone days, you wonder how many of the current Dell Vikings were original but most of the guys on the stage looked pretty authentic to me.. .

On Friday night, we saw "Jersey Boys" on Broadway. It's great and a must see for those who love the music of the 60s. I have now figured out why Buddy Buie didn't make any money when he had a show with the Four Seasons back in the 60s. He said they charged a lot and even with a big crowd, he said he did not do well. If the story in the play is true, the had to charge a lot so they could get out of hock for all the band leader's gambling debts. That sounds like something that could have easily happened back in the Hey Baby Days. The play inspired me to take another step in trying to get the play written by Nora Marion based on the book produced. We may have found a possibility. Stay tuned but read a few of the opening scenes from the play by clicking on the link below:


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