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Doubling Double Shot and other key words of the Hey Baby Days

above images:

Top: "Double Shot" originally released on the band's own For Sale label; the only place you could buy a copy with this label was at their shows; it's collectible, more so if you have a sleeve like the one above signed by members of the band that recorded the 1966 hit

Bottom: 1967 album which included the alternative version of "Double Shot" with the "worst morning after" instead of "hangover" The one above is priceless with signature of seven of the eight original members who recorded the song. Jimmy Perkins is the lone holdout but agreed to sign the album if I can meet his price. (kidding ... Where are you Jimmy ?)

Ann from Hawaii continues to ask some very interesting questions about the book and the Hey Baby Days...here's her latest:


Why were there two versions of Double Shot ("worst hangover I ever
had" and "worst morning after I ever had")? I cannot fine the "worst
morning" version anywhere to download - Amazon.com or Rhapsody. It is
on YouTube but I can't transfer the RealPlayer download to a CD. Do
you have the "worst morning" version. It's not the one on the CD in
Anthology re-issued in 1995 by Ripete. Was the "worst morning"
Version on the original 45? Just wondering why the mystery of the two
versions. I kept forgetting to ask you before now.


Great question ! The only place the "'worst morning after' I've ever
had" appears is on the "Double Shot" album of 1967 which is in my
opinion is a very underrated album. It includes “ M.T.Y.L.T.T,” a song written by John McElrath which appears to be be the precursor of "More Today Than Yesterday" by the Spiral Starecase. The words “worst morn after” were dubbed in the album cut of “Double Shot” because "believe it or not" because the record company thought that the ""hangover" might inhibit album sales. incredible , stupid and probably a bad marketing move but what do I know, I was only 17 at the time.



P.S, I am sending copies of this to the Swingin' Medallions who can
correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for clearing that up. I went to their web site and found that I could buy the SM Anthology through them on eBay. I thought it was the same as the CD I got on Amazon.com through Ripete Records but was
surprised to find out there were some different songs on each one. But
on the one directly from the SM's, they have both versions of Double
Shot. So I ordered it too. While I was at it, I also ordered their
Generations CD. Did you figure out when the picture in your book was
made - top left of page 182 (Medallions and their fans)?

I am now going jogging to listen to the Swingin' Medallions on my iPod.
I ordered their new CD, Madras and Madness recently.




The Swingin' Medallions I am sure appreciate your buying their CDs.



Key Words of the Hey Baby Days

Since we began the blog back in November, we have become very interested in knowing our audience, where they're coming from and what got them to the blog. Overwhelmingly, most come to the blog because they have bought the book and have regularly kept up with the updates at the book's website: www.heybabydays.com
These are kindred souls who like me love to spend a little time living in the past.

However, every day we get dozens of blog visitors who get to the blog because they have used certain "key words" that they have inputted into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo which gives them a list of links that contain the key words and visit the blog by selecting the link. We have been fascinated at some of the orgins of visitors and their keywords. We would not consider it particularly interesting for someone from Atlanta to use the key word "Tams" to get to the blog but we have had some that we sort of expect and some that are a bit different. Here follows a composite of recent visitors by point or origin and the key words that got them to the blog:

(1.) first line Origin
(2.) second line Key Words

Pocohontas Iowa
old band from alabama named the rocking gibraltas

Durham, NC
Willie T.

Union City, New Jersey
Dennis Yost Last Concert

Denver, Colorado
Athens Rogues

Kobe Japan

Crestview Florida
Perrin Gleaton

Augusta Georgia
Perrin Gleaton

Raleigh, North Carolina
In-Men, Ltd. Band

Silver Spring, maryland
Buddy Skipper Beach Music

Ljubuski, Federation Of Bosnia And Herzegovina,
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Swinging Medallions

Reidsville, North Carolina
gene and the team beats

Iron Station, North Carolina

Ashland, Virginia
Swinging Medallions Band

Norcross, Georgia Brent Fortson

Gadsden, Alabama
Dr. Feelgoods Gasden Alabama

Richmond, Virginia
39-21-Hey Baby

Alma, Arkansas
Swinging Medallions Double Shot

Rochester, New York
Barry Bailey Guitar Gear

Mulberry, Arkansas
Georgia Prophets

Defuniak Springs, Florida
Tyn Tymes

covers albums Billy Walker

Mount Holly, North Carolina
Master Sound Studios Atlanta, Georgia

Raleigh, North Carolina
magnificents band from burlington my space

Talladega, Alabama
the tyn times reunion gadsden

Enterprise, Alabama
wilbur walton jr biography

Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland
examples of business cards for bands

Talladega, Alabama
the mighty tams

Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Phoenix, Arizona
in the club calling hey baby

High Ridge, Missouri,
st. louis band bob kuban brass

Huntsville, Alabama
silly little girl tams

Rupert, West Virginia
athens rouges band

Naples, Florida, United States

Anaheim, California
blogspot "mark seven"

Erlanger, Kentucky
daytona in the 60s

Kennesaw, Georgia
apolloes atlanta

Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Dennie Yost & Classics

Des Plaines, Illinois
keyboard chords to "spooky" by the atlanta rhythm section

Oakland, California,
the winstons and color him father and blogspot

Decatur, Illinois
Harry Hagan trombone

Jefferson, North Carolina,
spontanes old band members

Wilmington, North Carolina
the bleus

Lawrencevelle, Georgia
Georgia State University buys Studio One

Greensboro, North Carolina,
the in-men ltd

Salemburg, North Carolina
hey i know you monzas

Thibodaux, Louisiana
lsu baby

Selby, York, United Kingdom
hey girl don,t bother me on you tube

Marietta, Georgia
marvin taylor

note: we will try and post addition keywords and the place of origin from time to time so check back at this posting" "Doubling Double Shot"

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