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Marvin Taylor, Wilbur Walton, Jack Brinkley, King David & The Slaves

From: Marvin Taylor
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 09:16:41 -0500
Subject: Hey Greg!

Hi Buddy

So glad to see the project is still growing and moving. In that vein, Bryan Cole and I just finished a project together - we finally produced one with ourselves as the artists! Remind me of you mailing address and I will send you a copy. You can check it out at;

Marvin Taylor;

Five Feathers Music
2935 Wendy Lane
Marietta, GA 30062
Tel. 678-560-0205
Toll Free 1-800-929-7026
Excellent Backing Tracks for Practicing Musicians


Great to hear from you; are you and Java Monkey still playing? If so, we would love to post venues and dates. I really enjoyed seeing y'all those couple of times. The time with Francine Reed was special. I guess you have heard that your old band mate Wilbur Walton is performing and recording. The Hey Baby Days ride again



Wilbur Walton, Buddy Buie, et. al.

P.S. What about a joint concert? K Otics, Swingin’ Medallions, Wilbur Walton and the Strange Gang and the Rockin Gibraltars

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I found your information online while searching for a friend of mine
from Georgia named Jack Brinkley. Jack and I worked at several of the radio stations in southern Georgia. In the information online someone wrote in 2006 that "Jack still has a great voice" so I'm curious if anyone may know how to contact him.




Last time I saw Jack was at a distance at Eddie Peede's memorial service. He, Randall Bramblett and other members of the famed King David and the Slaves band paid tribute to Eddie by singing "My Girl." (A favorite of Eddie’s) Randall sang lead but I did see Jack with his group "Second Chance" at the Jekyll Island Beach Music Festival and YES, he still has the great vocals. For a ride back to the past, check out Jack doing a promo for one of my productions back in the 60s at Vintage Sounds, scroll down the band page at (battle of bands) Regarding getting in touch with Jack, I think he lives in either Odum or Screven, Georgia. If phone number is not in book email me back and I'll contact some people who may know.


Greg Haynes

Next posting to have a bunch of vintage photos from The Heeey Baby Days!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Fourmore of Atlanta, Red Hots, Tempests, Original Celestials, Cardinals (Augusta, Georgia) and Big ? Ben Atkins

The Fourmore of Atlanta


Great to hear from you! My name is Mark Stone and I played saxophone in an Atlanta group called “The Fourmore of Atlanta". We were based out of Tucker, GA, and there were originally four in the group, sort of like a Beatles band, and then they added a sax to get the "soul" sound in, and that was our identity from then on out.

I have a few photos of the group, dressed in our specially designed outfits, made in Buckhead (same tailor that made Tommy Roe, Billy Joe Royal, and others) - very neat outfits (may still have these in storage). Our amplifiers were "rolled & pleated" black from the Vox Shop, same as Rollin Stones.

Would like to contribute to your effort. The book before left us out, but we were a factor then, winning the biggest battle of the bands competition in the Southeast at the time, the opening of the Atlanta Merchandise Mart. Got a recording contract with Mercury ...or at the time would be Bill Lowery studios, plus other things.

Backed up Chuck Berry, played several jobs at the old Atlanta Auditorium (now Georgia State), where they would feature several groups on stage, beginning in the afternoon on into the evening. We played on same shows with Paul Revere and the Raiders, James Gang, Mamas & Papas, Billy Joe Royal (several times), Joe South, Tommy Roe, Ian Whitcomb, Jan & Dean, and many others.

Anyway, I'll stop for now - let me know if you would like for me to send in the photos.

Our group was comprised of:
Stan Ruffin - lead singer, keyboard & guitar
Mickey Norris - lead guitar
Gary Anglin - rhythm guitar
Mark Stone - tenor saxophone
Eddie Johnson- drums


Mark Stone


One of the reasons we started the blog was to accelerate the information about bands that were unintentionally left out. Please send us any vintage 60s photos that you have of the band so we can post. There were quite a few of the Beatles type bands that made a transition to the soul sound and vice versa. The timing is hard to keep up with because we have accounts of bands making transitions to other genres at about the same time. (Some to soul and others to harder rock) One of the tell tale signs was whether or not the band wore the same stage outfits in 1968 or 1969. The "soul music/R&B/Beach" oriented bands had a tendency to dress alike until their play list changed. We will add a post about The Fourmore of Atlanta." Also, we are seeking information about other Atlanta based bands of the mid 60s: e.g. The Sol-Jers, Wayne Lacadece and Kommotion and others. If you have any information about them or know someone who does, pass the inquiry along.


Greg Haynes

Red Hots, Tempests, Original Celestials, Cardinals (Augusta, Georgia)


You left out the 1961 Red Hots , The Tempests, and The Original Celestials. My name is Bobby Byrd and I was the bass player and singer for those groups


We know we missed some great bands; there were so many but we hope to continue to collect the information and photos so we can expose them on the blog and if we have a Second Volume, we want to have them included. I think we had photos of the Tempests, the Celestials and the Red Hots in the Augusta section. These may have been later editions of the bands. We put a lot of Augusta bands in the book but know it was a hotbed for music.


Greg Haynes

Yes, unfortunately you did not have any pics of me and the original Celestials, Red Hots Tempests But it is ok I was a bass player and I also had the Cardinals with Billy Walker before he went to the Prophets I taught Tommy Witcher the bass.


Do you have any old photos of the bands that we can publish on the blog and any subsequent book printings? We were very proud of all the information we got from Augusta but knew there was much more. Would love to present more detail if you have the time or inclination.Regards, Greg Haynes

Big? Ben Atkins (may not be the size he once was but still has the “Big” Sound)


I don't know yet how to get on the blog, but did go to the site & read some of the postings. Someone was asking about Big Ben Atkins and I just wanted to say he is still playing with a large horn section, Hammond B3 organ and some girl singers. Still out of Columbus, MS as I understand. Ben is not BIG anymore. Don't know how he lost it, but is now at a very respectable weight. Did not affect his sound though, he still rocks like the old times. He has played at my wife's Mardi Gras krewe ball the last two years and I wouldn't be surprised if he did not play this year. Loved the book and look forward to figuring out the blog because this is great information.

Rick Stephens
Tuscaloosa, AL


Thanks; we'll update blog and let people know. Appreciate your response.

Regards, Greg

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Double Shot, Cyril Vetter, Deacon John, Jump Blues of New Orleans

Hi Greg:

You haven't heard much from me lately since I've been rocking back and forth in the dark closet what w/ the market meltdown and the Tiger meltdown occurring simultaneously! I did want to say that I checked out your blog and it's pretty cool. Also, I'm going to send you the link to a widget, which will allow you (or your readers!) to check out the Deacon John documentary. So if you get an email from clearspring, don't delete on the link and check out "Going Back To New Orleans, The Deacon John Film." I hope all's well w/ you.

Stay well and stay in touch,



Great to hear from you... interestingly I was in Athens last night to see the Four Tops and at dinner prior to the concert, someone, not me (believe it or not) brought up "Double Shot." said a friend of theirs from Athens wrote the song and got royalties every time it was played. Don't want to use the name but It wasn't Don Smith or Cyril Vetter. I quickly set the record straight and before the night was over, I had a copy of the book in the hands of all six couples. I told them that they could learn more about the most productive twenty minutes of Cyril Vetter's life in the book. I was not sure what type of royalty he was receiving but I told them that it wasn't for writing the song. However, I still have a few convinced that the Medallions cut their hit version of yours and Don’s song at the Phi Delt house at UGA. UPDATE: Cyril Vetter e-mailed to confirm that there is in fact a gentleman from Athens, Georgia who receives a portion of the publishing royalties for "Double Shot" (of My Baby's Love) which is certainly fitting given the song's history in the classic city. The Swingin' Medallions played the song constantly at fraternities long before they committed their party fried version to vinyl. The record get sets even straighter.

Agree, it's been meltdown city, market, Tigers and to some, the Dawgs. As big of a Dawg fan as I am, I think that 9-2 in the S.E.C. is very respectable. Expectations for Georgia were so high that anything less than the National title was a letdown.

I am very excited about putting the Deacon John widget on the site. A friend of Nora’s and mine from high school and college lives in New Orleans not far from your friend, J.C. She says that she has met Deacon and said he is such a nice person. She even knows Clarence "Frogman" Henry. I never knew she was as much into the music but I urged to get his the Deacon John Jump Blues DVD.

Finally, at Nora's family reunion at St. Simons in July, one of her first cousins who is from Metairie was in charge of the entertainment and it was ALL the music of New Orleans and she had the Deacon John DVD. I have to get the DVD. My son, Gregory was awarded my Deacon John CD.

Going to reprint the email in the blog. Hopefully we will have a lot of folks that will check out Deacon John. We just recently started the blog and have had a lot of interest.



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Big Ben Atkins, The Rocking Rebellions and Seeking Memories of P.C.


I don't know much about what a Blog is, but I sure would like to see some information on it about my favorite, Big Ben Atkins, who still sings at events.

Thank you,

Jan M.


I know very little myself about blogging but thought it would be important to try it hoping that it will lead to obtaining more input from a larger base of people who share the same fondness for the music and the era. By receiving your message , we will hopefully get responses from others about Big Ben Atkins. I know that Marion Carter at Ripete Records has been looking for one of Big Ben's early cuts. Maybe this will lead to getting more recognition for a great entertainer. Thanks for following the blog.



Hey Greg,

Thanks for the email and the info. The Rocking Rebellions are going to be performing this Sunday, Nov. 23 in Trussville, AL. Got this in an email the other day. The new Books A Million in Fultondale, AL has your book in stock, it is easy to spot! Did you ever get started on the industrial quality coffee tables yet? Also, I would love to have some of your memories for my Panama City Memories book, would be a good plug for your book and blog spot. We could use a picture of your book with your memory too. You did a wonderful job with that book and a service to many for ensuring that those days and those musicians and song writers will not be forgotten. A wonderful time it was then! JD




This is exactly the type of information we want to pass along. Maybe a few folks will read the blog and turn out to see the Rocking Rebellions in Trussville. Have you contacted any of the Original Swingin' Medallions about their memories of P.C. and The Old Hickory; bet they can share some great stories with you about the times. You might also want to contact some members of The Pieces of Eight who played a lot at the Red Rooster. Of course, you have a lot of great Alabama bands that also played the Old Dutch and other places along the strip: Wilbur Walton & The James Gang, the Rockin' Gibraltars, The Rubber Band and on and on...those were the great days...



Yes those were the great days....long gone I am afraid. I have not concentrated yet on any of the bands, but that would be great to have. I will start looking for websites on the internet.

Thanks. JD


Give me a day or two but I'll send you the email addresses of musicians who played P.C. back in the day. There are several remembrances of P.C. by musicians in Chapter 14 of the book.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You could probably do a coffee table book just about the bands playing P.C. in the mid 60s.




Thanks a bunch, my book will not get close to the masterpiece you did, that is for sure. Thanks for that direction.....very much indeed.


Will The Number One Soul Band Please Report To The National Guard Armory ?

From time to time, we are going to look back over the statistics for the web site: and post to the blog some of the most widely read or viewed items at the site. One that has received a lot of interest is a story presented in Chapter 16 of “The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music” titled “Will the Number One Soul Band Please Report to the National Guard Armory?” Many of the musicians of the 60s can relate to this tongue in cheek story especially if their band was one whose play list was oriented to the R&B side of the charts. When these bands performed, they did not need to run out and find a James Brown type cape, they had a supply on hand. The uncorrected proof of this story is available at the web site and can be viewed by clicking on the link that follows.

The bands mentioned in the story such as the Rockin’ Gibraltars, Rubber Band, Mouse, The Boys and Brass, King David & The Slaves, and the Swingin’ Medallions were just a few of the bands that might have been referred to in such grand terms “ The Number One Soul Band” but there are likely dozens of others that might have been billed or referred to in such a manner. Email us with the names of other bands that might have received such a billing. When introducing the band to a crowd, maybe an over enthusiastic promoter said: “Ladies and Gentlemen , let’s bring to the stage, the Number One Soul Band, The ______ ________.”

By the beginning of the 70s, there were not many bands left that wanted an association with “Soul” as we pointed out in the book. The late 60s and particularly 1969 was a big year for band name changes as there were literally hundreds of bands with essentially the same band members realizing that they had to have a new name because they were playing the new heavier rock music and the band members no longer dressed alike.

Soul Inc. became Freedom
The In-Men Ltd. became Peace Core
King David & The Slaves became The Third World Band
Tip Tops became Maniacs
Rockin’ Gibraltars Became Heart

Essentially any band that had “Soul” in their name was mandated to change. We listed a few at the site but there were undoubtedly many more. Remember the names of any bands back in the 60s that had a “soulful” name? Check the list . Did the band go out of business or did they simply change their name ?

Who did we miss?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mark Seven Album and a Message From King Edward and the BDs

Subject: Re: Looking for the Mark Seven Album

Hey Greg,

I am looking to purchase the only album that the Mark Seven
ever made. Can you put me in touch with someone who would
sell this to me?


Sandy B.


Are you referring to the Mark Seven from Hawkinsville, Georgia ?
I know that they released a 45 RPM but was unaware of an album.
If that is in fact the band that you are looking for, then I can give
you an email address of one of that band's members.


Greg Haynes

Yes, that is who I am talking about it. Danny and Terry Martin
are both deceased now - they were friends of mine and so was
their cousin, Rusty Jessup, who also died.



Attached is the email address, address and phone number for
Gary Coley one of the members of Mark Seven. If you are able
to locate the album, I would be very interested in knowing the
name of the cuts that were included. I bet there is at least one
Tams’ cover and maybe even a Swingin’ Medallion one.
You know they were one of the better Swingin’ Medallion
knock-off bands out there during the Heeey Baby Days.



Recent requests for additional information for:

Buddy Causey
Wayne Lacadece and Kommotion
Jessee Boone & The Astros

A Message From The King (King Edward and the BD’s)

Sir Greg

Haven't talked to you in a while but the band been busy this summer from producing a new song and recording to many show dates. As I get older I have found out why this music business is for the young guys. I use to play a show on Saturday night and was ready to go the next morning, NOW!!, its Tuesday before I am not tired, but what FUN!!. Thanks to you for re igniting the fire in these old musicians to Never Give it UP. Congrats!! on the book sell out, I new it would happen. Check out the beachmusic45 link in the below message. Thought you would like to see how our song is doing that we recorded this spring for Ripete Records. Keep in touch and I hope to see you soon. You Sir Greg, you have made a large footprint in music history that will be remembered and cherished by many for years to come. I know I will.

We played the Urbana Oyster Festival a few weeks ago and a lady had bought the book and wanted us to sign it. She couldn't carry is all day so we signed a set list and she was going to keep it with the book. Thanks again for you dedication and love for the music. I hope you lovely wife is doing well and again regards and love from our BD Band COURT!!

Be Blessed

Ed the KING Martin
King Edward and the B.D. s Band

Greg check out my daughters boyfriends band Blue Turtle Seduction. They are quite a unique act. They are helping with many different eco- friendly projects. My daughter writes a link on their site called Deep Blue. I am so proud of her work. Check them out. We are trying to get them out here to the east coast for some show dates and to help out with their message.


Your Hineness,

I am very pleased to hear from you and thank you for those kind words about the book. Like the lady you reference in your email, I too get a little weary carrying the book around. We still only hit the very surface of what is out there about the great bands of the Hey Baby Days … so we decided to start a blog and will continue to focus on bands like King Edward and the BDs as we did recently with The In-Men Ltd. of Burlington, North Carolina. Look for a post in the next day or so about King Edward and the BDs. We intend to focus the blog around bands that are in the book and those that should have been. We know we missed a few.

Your humble servant

Sir Gregory
Earl of HeyBaby

Sir Greg

Thanks for answering back. It's been a while. I know you are excited about the book selling out. I think we need to have a book sell out PARTY!! We need to find a central location and put it on for a charity. I know the BD's would love to play. Let’s talk and see what we can put together for next spring.

The blog thing is a great idea and if you would like to have some current pictures or recent shows, I know Karen would e-mail them to you to post in the blog. The Urbanna Oyster Festival was a great show.

I have been requested by some club owners to give them a picture of the original band and a little history about the band to place on their walls in the clubs. Of course, I had to ask, Bathroom, or other? They agreed it would not be the bathroom! I was wondering if you have access to any of the layout art work from the book about the band. I would love to use the HeyBabyDays info for it. That is if you would give me permission to do so. I can't think of a better place to gather this information from for this type of request. If there is any cost I will be glad to pay for it.

Also just another bit of GOOD NEWS!!! about the BD's new song. Karen received an e-mail from Marion Carter yesterday saying that our song, Is You Is, has been cleared to be posted for down load on Apple I-tune sometime after the first of the year.
Thanks again for helping these old guys keep plugging and playing the best music around. We talk about how lucky we are to still be performing.

Be Blessed

Ed Martin

King Edward,

Normally it’s the King that makes grants but in this case, a lowly Earl can make a grant to the King for a limited use license to the King for use of that portion of the book that relates to King Edward & The BDs. I will find out the best way to do that; we might want to make that excerpt available on the blog. I will check and determine the feasibility and get back to you.


Sir Greg

King Edward,

I really love the cover the BDs did of “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?”
You will receive tomorrow the PDF excerpt from the book which you can use as you have requested and if printed for display should bear at bottom: copyright Greg Haynes Atlanta Georgia USA 2006You can also use it at your website with same as above plus add for more go to www.heybabydays.comWe will post a the book excerpt on the blog as well.


Sir Greg

Note: The excerpt from the book will be published on the blog in the very near future

Monday, November 10, 2008

In-Men Ltd. with Monzas at Elon University

Welcome to the first post for the Hey Baby Days blog !

While we may digress from time to time, our primary focus will be the bands, music and places of "The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music." We will also detail some of our experiences during the five plus year journey it took to memorialize a very special time in our lives. If you never raised your arms, waved and sang the chorus to Bruce Chanel's classic, this may not be the blog for you. If you wonder what Bruce's classic was all about, then you might want to find out more about Bruce and his harmonica player at the time of the classic's release, Delbert McClinton. After publishing the book in October of 2006, we continue to get a steady stream of information related to that historic period of music and "the party." While we will continue to recollect the R&B music of the 60s ( also referred to as Beach Music in many circles ), we will mix yesterday with today because so many of those from the Heeey Baby days have now graduated either to "The Never Gonna Give It Up Club" or to "The Party To End All Parties." If you haven't read the book, those two entities may seem a little odd to you but stay tuned, we'll explain, eventually. While the book includes 800 images, we probably have that many more photos that didn't make the book because of book weight considerations. Topping out at nearly 13 pounds, our Hong Kong based printer advised us that they could not assure us that the binding would hold if we couldn't find an ending. We found closure but not necessarily an ending. Many more photos are coming via the blog.We have been updating book events and adding information at the "Comments section" at the book site. We came to the conclusion that the better way to continue the journey would be through a blog connected to the web site. Today's Comments at the site will be the last as we begin the Hey Baby Days blog.For all who contributed to the book or who were part of the great era and for those who want to know what "The Hey Baby Days" were all about, join in the continuation of the Heeey Baby Days via The Hey Baby Days blog. Thanks to Captain Craig for maintaining in a most professional manner We especially thank him for encouraging us to start the blog.

Friday, November 7, 2008 Elon University, North Carolina

Seven of the nine musicians shown on the
above 1967 promotional photo performed
Friday night Novevember 7 at Elon University
(Burlington, NC)

Skip Hinshaw, lead vocalist
Sonny Long, guitar
"Moose" Smith, keyboards
Tommy Rogers, drums
Garth Hutson, trumpet
Howard Eaton, Trumpet
Tommy Burgess, saxophone
Plus Jerry Clapp, guitar (1969)

And if that was not enough:

Skip Hinshaw, In-Men Ltd. lead vocalist , and
original Monza lends vocals to "Hey, I Know You"
with back up vocals by "The First Ladies of Beach Music",
Linda "Quig" Quinlin James and
Sharon Hinshaw Copeland

Geoff Smith, sings vocals on 2007 In-Men Ltd.
hit "Rythmn" as father Moose Smith provides
backing on key boards. More to come from Geoff
on soon to be released In-Men Ltd. CD

It's a family affair ! as Susanna Smith reprises
Etta James' "At Last" one of the great cuts coming
on the new In-Men Ltd. CD

In-Men Ltd horn section included three originals:
R to L: Garth Hutson, Howard Eaton and
Tommy Burgess. Garth and Howard now perform
with the Attractions Band , another of the great
bands of Burlington.

Original In-Men Ltd. drummer, Tommy Rogers

At Guitar, Jerry Clapp, who joined In-Men Ltd.
in 1969

AND Dr. Sonny Long, original and always
an In-Men Ltd. on guitar

What a great way to start the blog! The very special event on
the campus of Elon University was part of the University's
homecoming events. The all star cast of original members
of the In-Men Ltd and the Monzas was special. The legends of
Beach Music and Northern Soul, most of whom were alums of
Elon University made it very authenic. Help us begin the blog
by sharing memories of the In-Men Ltd. and the Monzas or one
of the other eleven dozen great bands from the Burlington/Greensboro