Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cliffhanging at the Ember's Club during the Hey Baby Days

Live from Jim Thornton's Dance Club "The Swinging Embers"

It was almost 50 years ago when the ad below ran ...nothing has changed much except for the price of admission ... The Embers are still swinging as well as "churning and burning"

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We still continue to get great emails along with photos and band fliers etc. from The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music. Today's items are very special and are courtesy of Tim Williams. Can you imagine seeing an advertisement for the Swinging Embers at Jim Thornton's Dance Club ? and if you want another treat, order Disk 3 of the HBDBM compilation and listen to the "one take" sound of the Cliffhangers, the house band at the Embers Club.

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Hello Greg, I just found a copy of your book and I love it. I'm e-mailin' you so I can send a couple pictures you might like to see.Keith Clark is a good friend of mine and he was the drummer of "The Cliffhangers".They were the house band @ the Embers Club-Atlantic Beach.You have their record on Vol.3 of your CD's. Once again just love the book!! Thanks Tim Williams.

The Cliffhangers

from left to right-Johnny Yarboro-Keith on drums & Joey Pittman other Pittman brother not pictured



These are vintage clippings...I would like to put them on the HBDBM blog; Is that o.k. with you ? For some reason, I can not download the schedule card at the Ember's Club for 1971. Could you resend it ? That was quite an awesome lineup of entertainment.

The other images are fine. I do like the Cliffhangers's cut on Volume 3 of the compilation series. Did they have any other recordings ?

I think that the Jim Thornton ad featuring the Embers' must have been in 1962 but I'm not positive. That seems to be about the right time period they would have been the featured act at that club plus it was in the period of time that they released a single on on ACE records as the Swinging Embers featuring “Jackie Hamilton” Gore. I like Bobby Tomlinson's story in the book about their transition from Jim Thornton’s Dance Club to their own, Ember's Beach Club. There's a moral to that story.

Thanks again.


Greg Haynes

Sure,You can use them(Pics).How do I view the Blog?As far as The Cliffhangers-only one record b-side "Showtime" an instrumental. It's a funny story about the making of the record-Keith told me UNC-Chapel Hill Studios was having a special price recording time(Half off).They didn't give them much time to record and they did it in one take! Then the studio tech asked what label they recorded for and they all laugh at him,so he said "what are we goin' to put on your 45 label?"Keith spoke up and said -K-CEE Records!(Keith Clark).Only 300 to 400 pressed According to Keith,he’s not sure of the exact number, but it brings a nice price if you have one -UK more so...Tim Williams

Check out the Cliffhanger's

The Ember's Club had an incredible array of R&B artists even after the Hey Baby Days made its exit.. those were the days