Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recalling Misty Waters, the P.C. Bop, etc.

Donna Overall continues to provide great remembrances of her good times in Atlanta during the 60s. Donna has truly been a great find for sharing so much about the club and band scene. As more and more folks discover the ease of using the Internet to reminisce bygone days, a treasure trove of memories will grow… who knows… maybe a Hey Baby Days addendum will emerge. We have already identified many bands that should have been included in the first edition. We really would like to post more original band photos that are not subject to copyrights. These photos really give the feel of the era that words can only partially portray. Anyone out there have photos from Misty Waters, Knotty Pines, the Moultrie Bowl, the Beach Club, the Embers Club, etc. etc.

More from Donna

I was thinking today about Misty Waters and how many dances I used to go to there. Chubby Checker even appeared there one time as I recall. Mack Davis and the Zots were regulars, as was Wayne Logiudice and the Kommotion. I remember seeing Ronnie Millsap there also. They had dances every weekend, and when I wasn't at the black clubs seeing folks like Jackie Wilson (what a performer!), then I was either at Misty Waters or Knotty Pines. I didn't care who the band was. I was there to DANCE. I used to keep myself in free passes to Knotty Pines by winning the dance contest often enough that I never had to pay to get in.

Misty Waters had a swimming pool and a lake with a sand beach in addition to the skating rink. The skating rink had a wonderful wooden floor, which was perfect for dancing. People danced either the P.C. Bop (Panama City Bop) or the Carolina Shag. I was a bop person myself, as was Wayne. I have memories of Spring Breaks in Panama City with Wayne and other guys I knew all being there. We were some dancing fools! We were young, foolish, and happy...and I don't know how some of us survived some of the crazy-assed things we used to do.

I'm putting together some stuff to send to Wayne. I hope he follows through on sending me his cassette of Christian music. I can't even imagine Wayne doing Christian music. He was born to boogie!

Best, Donna

Thanks Donna for your continued input about the going on’s in Atlanta of the mid to late 60s certainly a great time for music, dancing and partying. Hopefully others will read and weigh in on their experiences during this period of time that I refer to as the Hey Baby Days.

A note about the bop and the shag: Only the real experts know the differences in the shag and the P.C. bop and having seen both, I’d be pressed to look at a couple and tell you whether they were boppin’ or shaggin’. However, the best demonstration of the P.C. bop is one I saw by lawyer and fellow brother in the bond Spencer Lee of Albany, Georgia who know doubt honed his skills on the P.C. strip back in the glory days. Maybe someone will weigh in about the U.T., which was yet another derivation of the shag and/or the P.C. bop

Hello David! Tony here.

It is good to here that at least one of the Morticians is still alive! (Sorry) Larry Sivley has a CD for you. I'm out. Sent my last one to a guy in named Rune in Finland! He is Eddie Hinton fan. Amazing!

Anyway, please refresh our memories on the members and instruments, and how was Phillip Johnson involved with Morts? And where are you? And did you guys ever carry a Hammond B3 up the stairs at Plaidland?? Bitch, huh? Tell us more!!



Pretty sure I still have one or two copies of our (Blues) CD’s we had made during our re-union thing if anyone is interested in obtaining a copy.

I can give them to Tony for delivery.

Thanks for sharing, as it is an honor to know people are still interested in the history and times of us little “Local Mop Heads” from Gadsden Al.


Larry Sivley

The Bleus