Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come Go With Me To Long Island and the Dell-Vikings

Greg & Nora with the Dell-Vikings

helpful hint: aways have a pocket comb available if you're to going to have your picture made with a famous band

Smooth... that's about the best way I can describe the Dell-Vikings. Nora and I saw them live in person this past Saturday night and even got our photos made with one of the most famous vocal groups of the Doo Wop era. Nora's first cousin, Kay Ullman of Sands Point, NY was honored for her tremendous contributions to the school district and we attended the gala which featured a performance by the masters of Doo Wop... HOWEVER, they did end their show with a Beach Music classic, "Higher & Higher" Jackie Wilson style. My guess is the Dell Vikings could have covered many more artists very well like the Drifters, Clovers, etc but why cover others when you have your own great hits including "Whispering Bells", "Come Go with Me", "The Jitterbug" and others. Like many groups from the bygone days, you wonder how many of the current Dell Vikings were original but most of the guys on the stage looked pretty authentic to me.. .

On Friday night, we saw "Jersey Boys" on Broadway. It's great and a must see for those who love the music of the 60s. I have now figured out why Buddy Buie didn't make any money when he had a show with the Four Seasons back in the 60s. He said they charged a lot and even with a big crowd, he said he did not do well. If the story in the play is true, the had to charge a lot so they could get out of hock for all the band leader's gambling debts. That sounds like something that could have easily happened back in the Hey Baby Days. The play inspired me to take another step in trying to get the play written by Nora Marion based on the book produced. We may have found a possibility. Stay tuned but read a few of the opening scenes from the play by clicking on the link below:


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Medallion Sax man Johnny Cox was a helleva player

1968 Swingin' Medallion lineup: Front Row, Johnny Cox, saxophone; Jimbo Doares, guitar; and Joe Morris, drums; Back Row: Hack Bartley, saxophone; Grainger Hines, saxophone; John McElrath, keyboards; Charlie Webber, trumpet; and Carroll Bledsoe, trumpet

Medallions Johnny Cox and Hack Bartley at Medallion reunion in 1987

Medallions Perrin Gleaton, Johnny Cox and Freddy Pugh share memories in 2007

He was one helleva sax player! In a band known for horns, he stood out and now he joins Medallion band mates Steve Caldwell and Charlie Webber in the greatest horn section of them all! Johnny Cox died this past weekend in South Carolina. He had been suffering from lung cancer but his memory will be with us always. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him perform. It was in the Jacksonville Beach Coliseum, a venue long gone but forever etched in the memories of those who loved to see the bands of the Hey Baby Days in action. “Shotgun, git ‘em for they run “ “What Does It Take (To win your love)” “Hot Cha” Johnny was another Jr. Walker but don’t take what I say as gospel. Ask those who saw him perform. Yes! In a band where the “S” in Swingin’ stood for Saxophone, John Cox was nonpareil.

One of the stories that should have been in the book:

One of the mainstays of any Swingin’ Medallion shows is their presentation of Jr. Walker’s “Shotgun.” You know how it goes. The riveting song begins with a Medallion sax player playing the role of Jr. Walker. He blows the horn so hard that about halfway through, he doubles over on the floor, apparently passed out. Bandleader John McElrath asks “Is There a Doctor in The House?” Concern runs rampant as band members gather around trying to see if Jr. is going to make it. In the era of non-political correctness, there was always a Nurse Goodbody available to resuscitate the sprawling Junior. It seemed to always work because Jr. is so revived that he starts blowing the saxophone lying on his back and continues as he is pulled up off the floor by two band mates and held upside down still blowing the sax. It’s a Medallion trademark. It started way back with Brent Fortson and Freddy Pugh and continues today with Shawn McElrath. But Johnny Cox may be the only one of the Medallion sax players to ever be dropped during “Shotgun.” He was not just dropped to the stage but off the entire stage. It occurred at the Riverside Woman’s Club in Jacksonville, Florida. Johnny was smiling when he told me the story but I bet he wasn’t at the time as he missed several jobs as a result of the fall.

He apparently made a great recovery as he came back and continued to blow that horn from every angle with a great amount of passion and acumen.

Another ticket has been issued for “The Party to End All Parties” May Johnny Cox rest in peace.
Memorial Sevices:

Johnny Cox, original member of the Swingin' Medallions, who passed away
Saturday afternoon at 4:15pm at MUSC in Charleston. His body will be
cremated and there will be two memorial (celebration) services; one at Ocean
Drive Beach, and one in Johnny's hometown of Woodruff.

The two services to be held to celebrate Johnny's life are as follows:

Sunday, March 29, at 3:00pm, memorial services will be held at Lanford
Funeral Home Chapel on Main Street in Johnny's hometown of Woodruff, SC.

Sunday, April 05, at 11:30am, at The Pavilion at Ocean Drive Beach, A
memorial service will be conducted by Rev. Harold Beaver and Richard Carr.
After this service, everyone is invited next door to The O.D. Beach Club for
a celebration of Johnny's Life.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Would you believe there are “More Tempests in the Teapot?”

Would you believe there are “More Tempests in the Teapot?”

Why not? There were eleven dozen bands from South Carolina in the 60s called the Villagers, bands of Nomads on virtually every corner and forget trying to identify the various bands of Checkmates.

And their was another band called the Tempests and the were from Sumter, South Carolina and they played “soul music” according to Warren Moise. Moise, a musician, producer songwriter is associated with some of Beach Music's most well known songs such as "Ocean Boulevard", "Super Summer", "On the Beach", "Carolina Girls" and others. He has promised us a narrative about the band. Additionally we discovered that Warren is now a practicing attorney in Charleston. He is in excellent company of other musicians of the Hey Baby Days who gave up the stage for the courtroom ( which is another type of stage) Here are a few of the musicians from back in the day that have a shingle hanging:

Warren Moise ( Tempests )


Brent Fortson (Swingin’ Medallions)


Carl Ellsworth (Counts)


Sylvan Wells (Nightcrawlers)

Tommy Ratchford (Soul-7/Laymen)

Jim Roark Laymen (aka Suzy Storm & The Laymen) is a Judge

Know others ? we’ll add.

The other Tempests bands from the South “that we know about” are also bands of great renown. The Tempests from Charlotte, North Carolina dangled on the edge of national breakout in the late 60s with their entry, “Would You Believe”. Two Tempests’ cuts can be found on the Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music series. “Love Have Mercy” is on Disk Two that comes with the book and “ A Place Where We Can Go” can be found on Disk Eight.

The Tempests from Augusta had performers who went on to play with other well know Beach Music bands. A tie in with Ronnie Milsap is possible but not confirmed.

No! Joe Walsh was not the lead singer for the James Gang; it was Wilbur Walton Jr. Check the directory of Wilbur Walton & The James Gang above. Now it’s very possible that there was another band called the James Gang with a lead singer by the name of Joe Walsh but I can guarantee you that it was not the same band that recorded the classic, “Georgia Pines.” (Please remember that that at the Hey Baby Days blog, we believe in levity)

As you can see, we need help with our band directories. In some cases these directories serve as a certain 60s band’s bands only legacy. If a band performed “My Girl”, “Midnight Hour”, or any of the greatest hits from The Hey Baby Days, we want to know about them, want them listed among the bands on the Bands page at the site. To the extent that we can get all of the names and instruments etc, we want that as well. (Look at the directory form for the type of information that we are seeking) By reviewing the directories included in this posting, you will notice varying degrees of completeness.

We will be updating and adding directories to the Bands page soon… we have been working on it for some time but we still have a ways to go. For instance, we’ll be adding Wilbur Walton’s latest effort, “Mr. Rosebud” to his listing of releases. We’ll be adding another band of Tempests and hopefully filling in blanks for the two Tempest bands listed above.

If you reading this and know someone who might help in filling in some blanks, please forward this posting along. We also revise, and correct existing directories.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thanks to all who are supporting the Hey Baby Days

Click on the images to enlarge

We are very gratified to hear almost daily from readers who are enjoying "The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music." We started the blog because of the many and wonderful emails we were getting about the book. We were posting them on the "Comments From Readers" at the web site, www.heybabydays.com. Then our brilliant site webmaster said, "you should start a blog." And so we did ! The support continues to grow and if it continues, and the information flow continues, a Volume Two may become a reality. As to Volume One, a second printing is very possible. We'll keep you advised and when we get to a certain point in reservations, we'll send a note to China to start the presses.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The rare time that I was a Good Egg

A proud possession signed by the Candymen in August of 1968; Robert Nix referred to me as a "A Good Egg." ( Some may disagree)


Hope your doing good! I'd like too put you more in the loop of what Alison Heafner and our band are doing! It's pretty exciting and I think you would really dig it! I'll start sending you stuff this week. In a nutshell, we have been kicking some major butt with her music in France and Europe. They seem to have a musical brain and heart over there and that's a good thing! Robert Register has been kind of keeping up on what's going on with the French radio, so ask him what it's all about! Thanks for all you are doing for our Southern Art Bro'! Love what you do!!

Robert Nix

Roy Orbison's the Candymen
the Atlanta Rhythm Section, and the
Alison Heafner/Robert Nix Band..

Visit Alison Heafner's My space site as follows:



Great to hear from you. We would be proud to add to our postings more about Alison Heafner and the Robert Nix band. One of the objectives of the blog is to keep alive the great names of "our generation" e.g. the Candymen, Wilbur Walton and the James Gang, Webs, Classics IV, Tams , Swingin' Medallions, Sensational Epics, (Does this sound like a commercial for Bill Lowery Talent ?) We are especially happy to promote their efforts as members of that elite club, "The Never Gonna Give it Up Club." Seems like a lot of members of the club are still going strong: Randall Bramblett, the Catalinas , John Townsend, Embers, Wilbur Walton & The Strange Gang, Swingin' Medallions, Robert Nix, the Tams, General Johnson and Chairman of the Board, Chuck Leavell, Jerry Butler, Clifford Curry and on and on... And many of them are recording !

I have been very impressed that the Europeans are still into our music of the 60s and 70s. It's the best music ever. Roberto does an incredible job of getting his message out there. I just hope I am half as effective. More referrals come to www.heybabydays.com from Robert's blog that any other (non-search engine ) source.



"A Good Egg"

Hi Greg,
I've been catching up on your blog messages. Have been busy reading your book and am about 2/3 the way through. I'm finding it very interesting. My two Swingin' Medallion CD's that I ordered are on their way to me. Do you know where I can get the ones that are "unavailable" on Amazon.com and through their web site? Off hand I can't remember all the names, but one is called (I believe) The Sun, The Sand, The Sea. I was very happy to receive a "thank you" email from Ms. Barbara Lewis today thanking my husband and me for flying all the way from Hawaii to Los Angeles to see her in concert. We met a professional photographer, Abran Rubiner, at the concert and asked him to email us if he got some good shots of her performing. He did, and I am attaching the three photos. (I think the lei we gave her really added to the pictures.) Ms. Lewis told me she has been on the road a lot and will be leaving for a performance in Portland, Oregan in a few days. I am so happy for her because I could tell that she absolutely loves to perform "live", and her voice is incredible. The night I met her I told her I wished she would record an album/CD of classic love songs. Aloha,


Thanks for your e-mail. Glad you are so far along in the book. I would be interested in getting your comments after you have finished the last text chapter ( The Party To End All Parties)You always give me ideas for postings. Most of my blog postings come from emails I get such as today’s header about Alison Heafner and the Robert Nix band. I know you saw Robert (Nix) perform back in the 60s being from Dothan, He was a member of the musicians’ band, the Candymen. (a “musicians band is a band that other musicians would pay to see perform)I don't know if Barbara (Lewis) has a President of her fan club. If not , I nominate you ! Y'all sound like a good match. I was trying to think if there was another female that has as much impact on Beach Music as Barbara Lewis (back in the day) as her; and about the only others I could come up with are Janice Barnett, Linda Qunlin, and Sharon Hinshaw ( none of whom had anything in the Top Forty but were certainly worthy) Susan Trexler is another one with a wonderful voice and if you have never heard any of her music , you should ! I am not sure she was performing back in the Hey Baby Days and I would never ask ! There are some others such as the female vocalist for December's Children, Susy of Susy and the Layman, the Sandpipers (Pensacola),and others that will come to mind just after I send this back to you. There's also some great new talent out there to compliment those mentioned above such as Alison Heafner, Melissa Doolittle ( thanks for turning her on to me), Rhonda McDaniel, Terri Gore , and others The "Sun, Sand & Sea " album by the Medallions is one that I partnered with John McElrath on back in 1981. It featured several songs that John wrote back them including "Going To The Beach Club”, “Charlie McGruders” and covers by the 1981 Medallions of the Original “66 bands album cuts plus “Hey, Baby” of course. I might be able to help you out on “The Sun, Sand & The Sea.” The title cut was released as a single as well and was written by John. It like many of John’s compostions deserved a better fate.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Adding "I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" to the play list

Images Above

"I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" written by John McElrath was released on Smash following "Double Shot" Both it and the flip side "Night Owl" have a certain party feel reminiscent of the 60s. "Night Owl" was a popular frat party song at LSU . The brothers in a fraternity way down yonder petitioned the Medallions ( who had discovered the party life of The Bayou) to record the song... which they did. It was written by B. Loveless and C. Vetter. C. Vetter aka Cyril Vetter ( drummer for Baton Rogue's Greek Fountains ) and Don Smith (drummer for Dick Holler's Holidays) scored bigger with "Double Shot."

Gene, ( Glee the DJ on Thursdays show)

I thought that your show last night was excellent. From the romping "black drawers" to the smooth, ice man, Jerry Butler; I enjoyed every tune. I got to hear most of it with just a little break to get some chow. It was good to "hear" Greg's voice as well. I think the article put up on the HBD site should surely arouse some interest in the show. It just seemed like a natural match up of audience interest.

I'll keep listening. Its easy to minimize the player and just go about whatever computer task you have, while enjoying the music. My machine is rigged with an Altec speaker system with a small sub woofer, so I get a pretty decent sound. Again, I enjoyed it; keep up the good picks.

John ( Bradley) Dynamic Consouls

Ditto to John’s comments; I thought you have a good selection of music, blending classics with current Beach Music as well as infusing some non Beach Music. Part of the enjoyment to listening to a show like that is to get the small historical tidbits. Wasn’t Cliff Nobles that sang the vocals on the backside of “The Horse ?” Did Jackie Wilson end his shows with “Amen ?” Your audience can listen to the music and “Google” to find out.

Keep up the good work.




My thanks to you kind sir! It was a pleasure having you participate in last night's show and I hope your schedule will allow you to listen again. You and John Bradley have both been a blessing to me. I sincerely appreciate the help in spreading the word and I hope I have as much success with my show as you have had with your book. The HBDBM was such gift to everyone who lived the life and loved the music of the 60's in the South! Thank you again for your devotion and writing of this book!

Gene Lee


Thanks for your kind words about the book. I just got off the phone with John McElrath . I sent him the info on the blog so he’ll read about the show and will probably listen in next week as well. I’ll also remind him so if you got any copies of “I Don’t Want To Lose You Baby” or “Night Owl” you may want to cue them up for next Thursday’s show. lol. I kid John about the first one which has some very 60s lyrics but the song has great tempo.




Greg. I'll check my collection. unfortunately...or maybe fortunately...it has grown to such proportions that I don't really know what I've got...lol. if at all possible.. I'll have them on. It would be great to have John join us! Thanks again.



Which versions of these songs do I want? I find the "I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" by Chad & Jeremy ...and..."Night Owl" by Gerry Rafferty. Are these the songs you are referring to? Thanks for your help!



According to John only about 7 or 8 were sold so it’s doubtful you have one and I am not giving up mine . lol



Do you have a means of sending me an mp3 file of the song?



I can probably do that and do you have last night's play list. I'd like to post it because I want HBDBM bloggers to see what they missed last night.



Gene had a great song playlist last night as follows:

Playlist for Mar. 12,2009

Music Therapy on Our Generation Radio

1. Meet Me With Yo’ Black Drawers On (Gloria Hardiman)

2. Lay Around And Love On You ( Ray Charles)

3. Private Number(Judy Clay & William Bell)

4. One Foot Draggin’(Band of Oz)

5. I Love You 1,000 Times ( The Platters)

6. Only The Strong Survive ( Jerry Butler)

7. Let’s Get Loose (Clovers

8. Pour Your Little Heart Out (Drifters)

9. Rabbit Got The Gun (Holiday Band)

10. The Horse (Cliff Nobles)

11. Rainy Day Bells (Harlem Globetrotters)

12. Sea Cruise (Men of Distinction)

13. A Thousand Miles Away(……..)

14.Can I Change My Mind (Epics)

15. Goin Back To Louisana ( Delbert McClinton)

16.Doin The Shag (OC Smith)

17. Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool Ya (Kays)

18. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (Al Green)

19. I Want A Love I Can See (Angel Rissoff)

20. Give Me Some Sugar Baby (Miranda Louise)
21. Amen (Epics

22. Shake That Thang (Fantastic Shakers)

23. Savannah In The Rain (Griff)

24. The Doo Wop Song (Kays)

25.Too Late To Turn Back Now ( Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose)

26. Quiet Place ( Garnett Mims & The Enchanters)

27. I Go Crazy (Buddy Guy)

28. Never Ending Love For You (Delaney Bramlett)

29. Trickle, Trickle (Breeze Band)

30. Traces ( Dennis Yost & The Classics IV)

31.Lady Soul(Temptations)

32. This Magic Moment (Rick James)

33. Take Another Piece of My Heart (Deacon John & Jump Blues)

34. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (Tams)

34. Over The Rainbow (Band Of Oz)

35. Security (Otis Redding)

36.Together (Intruders)

36. When A Man Loves A Woman ( Percy Sledge)

37. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Rod Stewart)

If you like the kind of music listed above put next 7:00 PM next Thursday night on your calendar because DJ Glee will be spinning another
two hours of great grooves.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Radio Program: A Sensational Epic

Sensational Epics 1966 promo photo above
First recorded the classic "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy"
On HBDMB Disk One

Sensational Epics' Trumpeter Gene Lee is DJ GLee on Internet Radio Program

check it out this Thursday Night 7:00 PM EST (tune in instructions below)

Hey Greg,

The blog on the HBD site really seems to have been a success. New information and news is flowing in at a steady rate. I have made it a habit to swing by often to check for new entries. Apparently the blog was a great step in the evolution of the site.

In the last month or so I became aware of an Internet radio program, "Music Therapy." This airs from 7 to 9 PM each Thursday. The host is billed as DJ GLee, who in real life is Gene Lee. Gene, as you know, is the long time trumpet player for the Sensational Epics. From the photographic evidence on the HBD site the two of you were spotted together at the SC State Museum event; as Gene attempted to show you some "stage moves!"

As you might imagine, he is playing some fine music on his show and providing some interesting background on the tunes and artists. A bonus feature is a chat room on the site where you can interact with Gene and other listeners in real time. While he doesn't strictly confine his play list to "Beach Music," I think you would find all the selections agreeable. Of course, he is well qualified to present and comment on songs from the HBD, due to his long term, active involvement with that genre.

I wanted to let you know about it because you may enjoy giving it a listen. Also, I reasoned it may be something you would want to share on the HBD blog. If so, I am sure that you and Gene could provide an interesting blog entry; maybe with a couple historic Epics' photos and a blurb about the show.

I mentioned that I was going to let you know about his program and he asked me to give you a "hello" from him. You probably already have his email, but for convenience it’s glee69@bellsouth.net
He could give you a better idea of what he's up to with the show.

Greg, I hope you will enjoy this program. As always, I am continuing to be delighted with the success of your endeavor. At one time it felt like the HBD phenomenon was winding down, but it seems it was just changing gears. In my estimation it continues to be a great, worthwhile venture that has brought smiles to many people.


John (Bradley) Dynamic Consouls


Thanks for your comments about HBD. As long as we keep getting the number of visits we get to the site and blog, we intend to keep it going… might even publish a supplement as we have gained quite a bit of additional information and photos. Thanks for your continued support.

Regarding the Event at the State Museum of SC, you have it backwards. I was actually showing Gene some stage moves. I am well known for my stage moves… just ask the Jesters or the Swingin’ Medallions. I will admit that the Epics were easier for me to train than others. LOL

I was aware that Gene Lee has an awesome record collection because he showed me a sample of it when I visited him in Columbia prior to the publication of the book. He made significant contributions to the book and I am pleased to hear he is undertaking such a project because I know he is very qualified to give “Our Generation” a two hour trip down memory lane. I just hope “Our Generation” has the technical savvy to follow the instructions you have given me that are listed below. My guess is that the program is worth asking a child or perhaps a grandchild to help you to “tune in.”


Tune In Instructions

Go to site www.ourgenerationradio.com

Click "listen live" button

These options are given - "Low Band, High Band and My Own"

Select, "My Own"

You will be given several options. Windows users, pick "WMP High Band"

Also in order to use the chat room you may have to log on using the FireFox browser.

After listening to show, drop us an email and tell us what you think.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Royal Peacock presents The Impressions, Jackie Ross & Wayne Logiudice

Photo above taken by Linda Kaye Logiudice

Live From Atlanta's Bikini A-Go-Go during the Hey Baby Days: Wayne Logiudice & The Kommotions

left to right: Al Sheppard (sax, over Lynn's right shoulder), Lynn Kaye (Logiudice, prior to their marriage), Harry Hagan (trombone), bass player not recognized, (he was either a sub or someone sitting in), Emory Gordy Jr (over Wayne's shoulder), Wayne, and over Wayne's head, Betsy Green (dancer, one time girl friend of Rick Bear). I know the other dancer, but don't remember her name right now.

photos coutesy of Wayne & son. Linda Kaye Logiudice is deceased. Photo identications courtesy of Rick Bear

A backstage photo of the Wayne and the band was made at the Apollo Theatre in NYC in late 1965 early 1966 and appeared in Jet Magazine. We are looking for that one to add and any others that we find.

The following additional comments were added by Rick Bear:

A short aside: Wayne really liked Emory's (Gordy) guitar playing and Emory was a great music director. So Emory played guitar and directed the band and Barry Bailey played bass on all of Wayne's shows. Our show had many improvised stops and breaks, it was loose like most black R&B groups of that period, so a director was required. The band always did an instrumental set prior to the shows. Barry played guitar and Emory played bass on the instrumental sets. So as you see in the pic here, Emory is playing guitar.

Paul Goddard played with St John and the Cardinals at that time. If I remember correctly, he played guitar in that band. Often when Emory or Barry could not make a gig (when Barry B first started playing with us, he was still in Decatur High School.), I always called Paul first. He was living in Rome, GA then. I believe that he grew up in Rome. On occasion, when Dennis St John could not make a gig, I filled in for him. We kind of helped each other out. After the Kommotions broke up, Emory played with The Cardinals a lot. I know that they did a couple of Canadian tours as Roy Orbison's band. They played as the house band at Kitten's Korner on Peachtree during '66 and '67. Dennis and Emory moved to LA. in the late '60s around the same time. Dennis played drums for Neil Diamond for many years later on as did Emory Gordy. Two Roy Orbison bands, The Candymen and St John and The Cardinals combined and eventually became The Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Ciao, Rick

The above photo of Wayne "Logiudice" Gregory appears on a 1994 album of religious music produced and recorded by Wayne. We have the cassette and plan to listen to it as soon as we find the stored cassette player. We'll report back. It's understandable why Wayne changed his name. Back in the day, only a few people could spell it right the first time around.

I never doubted that Wayne Logiudice's name appeared on the marquee of the "Apollo of The South", the Royal Peacock . I was elated to get a scan today of that image along with Wayne live at Atlanta's Bikini A-Go-Go from back in the day. and a more recent photo of the hard to find blue-eyed soul brother.

Still a lot Kommotion and interest in Wayne Logiudice and the Kommotions

Based upon the number of total downloads of images posted at the blog, page 1 of the Wayne Logiudice and the Kommotions band’ directory is the overall number 1 downloaded item. Surprisingly page 2 of the directory which includes Wayne’s name is further down the list with less than half as many downloads. This tells us that if we post any more band directories, all the pages of the directory need to be on 1 PDF because most would think that all the information would be on a single page.
However in the last couple of days, images related to the Georgia prophets have been downloaded by many.

Here’s the top ten downloaded items:

Wayne Logiudice and the Kommotions
(page 1 of the band’s directory)

Billy Stewart and Charles Stafford
(at the Beach Club)

Billy, Barbara (Scott) & Billy Walker

Divots ( front page of magazine article)

Jokers Seven

Inside Back cover (of book)

Crowds Dig (the Swingin’ Medalllions)
1964 Newspaper article

Wayne Logiudice and the Kommotions
(page 2 of the band’s directory)

Live at The Old Hickory
(1965 photos Swingin’Medallions)

Original Georgia Prophets

More about Wayne

Artists Wayne Worked With:

Emory Gordy Jr.
Barry Bailey
John Ivey
Rick Bear
G.C. Coleman
Harold Kelling
Ray Whitley
Arthur Conley & Corvettes
Lee Moses
Julius High "Lots of Popa"
The Impressions Band
The Winstons

Added to list courtesy of Rick Bear:

Harry Hagan (Exceptional trombonist, Brenda Lee's bandleader and husband),
Ray Jarrell (one of Atlanta's best ever, reeds),
Al Sheppard (reeds),
John Fristo (guitar, in The River People),
Paul Goddard (guitar, bass, he filled in for Barry or Emory whenever we needed a sub), Charlie Dechant (presently reeds for Hall and Oates).

A couple of local Atlanta artists that deserve mention were:

Grover Mitchell (Baby, That's a Good Idea)
The Mighty Hannibal (recent Atlanta tribute, Creative Loafing) and
The Reverend Mule (comedian).

Appeared at these theatres:

Royal Peacock (Atlanta)
The Apollo (NYC)
The Pickens (Brooklyn)
The Regal (Chicago)
The Howard (Washington, D.C.)
The Purple Onion ( San Francisco)
Paramount Theater, Newark, NJ w/ Jackie Wilson and Marjie Hendricks (lead backup for Ray Charles)

Jammed with:

Jimi Hendrix
Slide Hampton Orchestra
Duane Allman & Allman Bros. Band
Joe Tex Band
Little Richard (at the Peacock),
Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford (Smalls Paradise, Harlem

On The Same Show With:

Beach Boys
Jan & Dean
Paul Revere & The Raiders
Jeff Beck & The Yardbirds
Peter & Gordon
Bo Diddley
Billy Joe RoyalTommy RoeMac Davis
Joe & Tommy South
Freddie Cannon
Travis Womack
Lovin' Spoonful
Ernie K Doe
Johnny Nash
Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions
Bobby Goldsboro
Otis Redding
Etta James
Rufus Thomas
Fantastic Four
Tommy Hunt
the Marvelettes
The Spinners
The Manhattans
Robert Parker
Jackie Wilson
Percy Sledge
Gene Chandler
Albert King
Wilson Pickett
Gladys Knight & The Pips
Pop Staples & The Staples Singers
Aretha Franklin
Jamo Thomas
Sam & Dave
Sam the Sham & The Pharohs
Jimmy Ruffin
David Ruffin
Billy Stewart

Added courtesy of Rick Bear
Young Rascals (NYC),
Gary US Bonds (Atlanta & Louisville, KY),
Hugh Jarrett (Jordanaires, many times),
Johnny Taylor (Apollo),
Don Covay & The Good Timers (Bikini A Go Go),
King Coleman (original Mashed Potatos),
Peg Leg Moffet (Emcee),
Gorgeous George (Emcee and singer),
John Lee Hooker (Bikini A Go Go),
Reuben Phillips Orchestra (houseband at Apollo),
Jimmy Castor Bunch (Harlem),
Charlie Persip (world famous jazz drummer),
Five Stairsteps (Apollo),
Willie Tee (Thank You John)
Tommy Roe at Roemans at the Bikini A Go Go

Record Companies

Amy Mali Bell

T.V. Appearances

Up Beat Cleveland
also stations in:

New York

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Georgia Prophets' Barbara (Scott) Goudy passes away in Augusta

Hi Greg –

I played with Barbara (Billy and Barbara Scott) in the original GA Prophets. Sadly she passed away last Sunday. During those early years with the group life was beautiful and she was an inspiration to us all and much fun to travel with and perform together. I'm also attaching a picture of a new grave marker for Roy Smith. He was buried in an old Augusta cemetery but with no marker. Some mutual friends, some in your book, recently got together and had one made and put in place. Alan Cooke headed up that effort.

Wishing you only the best,

Jimmy Campbell

I really like your book on Beach Music. It's a thrill for me to own it and be part of it.


I really appreciate your sending me a note.

It’s timely as the news of Barbara’s death is the current posting at the Hey Baby Days blog. We started the blog because we felt it could be a forum to continue sharing memories of those great musical days and those bands like the Georgia Prophets who gave some many of us a lifetime of memories. The less enjoyable part is the occasional passing along of sadder news such as Barbara’s death. Many will certainly appreciate the thoughts you shared. It’s also sad to think a talent like Roy Smith would be buried in an unmarked grave. The “mutual” friends of Roy’s who got together to place the headstone depicted above have our admiration.



Barbara J. Goudy "Big Mama" Pendleton

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Entered into rest Tuesday, March 3, 2009, Ms. Barbara J. "Big Mama" Goudy Pendleton, of Hillsinger Road. A memorial mass will be celebrated Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 10 a.m. at The Church of the Most Holy Trinity with Father Michael Lubinsky as celebrant. The family will receive friends this evening at the funeral home from 7-8 p.m. with a vigil for the deceased beginning at 7 p.m. with Father Michael Lubinsky officiating. Barbara Jean was educated in Augusta, Ga. at Lucy C. Laney High School. She was a long time faithful member of The Church of the Most Holy Trinity. She loved first God, her loving family and friends. Survivors are a loving and devoted daughter, Sonia (Vernon) D'Antignac, Sr., Hephzibah; two brothers, John O. (Paula) Goudy and Jerome N. Goudy, Augusta; a devoted sister, Portrice (Freddie) Rucker; seven grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, relatives, and friends. Friends may call 811 Spruce Street or W. H. Mays Mortuary, 1221 James Brown Boulevard, Augusta, Ga. 30901. (706) 722- 6401. Sign the guestbook at AugustaChronicle.com

Photos from the top:

The Original Georgia Prophets

Billy and Barbara on stage 1969

"Baby, baby baby ... please let me have your number."

Barbara Scott Goudy passed away yesterday in Augusta, Georgia . Her memory will remain perpetually in the minds and hearts of all lovers of Beach Music. Her voice appears on most all the hits of the Georgia Prophets, the legendary band that started in Augusta and frequented the clubs and frats of the Southeast in the 60s. While they may be called Prophets to some, they will always be known as the Georgia Prophets on this side of the river. Jerry McElveen wrote a wonderful story about the band, its beginning and rise to great popularity among fans of the R&B brand of music that Southerners refer to as Beach Music; we were indeed honored to publish his story in “The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music.” Billy Scott made significant contributions to the book including the photo of he and Barbara above titled “Private Number” which must have been taken while he and Barbara were covering “William Bell & Judy Clay’s” Beach Music classic. Without question their rendition had to be great because it seemed that most everything the band did back in the day drew praise. While “I Got The Fever” is the song most associated with the band, their body of work is significant and continues today through Billy. Please refer to the band’s directory at www.heybabydays.com for a listing of the songs and the distinguished personnel that comprises the legacy of the band.

None was more distinguished than Barbara. She and Billy and the band set great examples for others as to how black and white Americans could work together for the love of music.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doubling Double Shot and other key words of the Hey Baby Days

above images:

Top: "Double Shot" originally released on the band's own For Sale label; the only place you could buy a copy with this label was at their shows; it's collectible, more so if you have a sleeve like the one above signed by members of the band that recorded the 1966 hit

Bottom: 1967 album which included the alternative version of "Double Shot" with the "worst morning after" instead of "hangover" The one above is priceless with signature of seven of the eight original members who recorded the song. Jimmy Perkins is the lone holdout but agreed to sign the album if I can meet his price. (kidding ... Where are you Jimmy ?)

Ann from Hawaii continues to ask some very interesting questions about the book and the Hey Baby Days...here's her latest:


Why were there two versions of Double Shot ("worst hangover I ever
had" and "worst morning after I ever had")? I cannot fine the "worst
morning" version anywhere to download - Amazon.com or Rhapsody. It is
on YouTube but I can't transfer the RealPlayer download to a CD. Do
you have the "worst morning" version. It's not the one on the CD in
Anthology re-issued in 1995 by Ripete. Was the "worst morning"
Version on the original 45? Just wondering why the mystery of the two
versions. I kept forgetting to ask you before now.


Great question ! The only place the "'worst morning after' I've ever
had" appears is on the "Double Shot" album of 1967 which is in my
opinion is a very underrated album. It includes “ M.T.Y.L.T.T,” a song written by John McElrath which appears to be be the precursor of "More Today Than Yesterday" by the Spiral Starecase. The words “worst morn after” were dubbed in the album cut of “Double Shot” because "believe it or not" because the record company thought that the ""hangover" might inhibit album sales. incredible , stupid and probably a bad marketing move but what do I know, I was only 17 at the time.



P.S, I am sending copies of this to the Swingin' Medallions who can
correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for clearing that up. I went to their web site and found that I could buy the SM Anthology through them on eBay. I thought it was the same as the CD I got on Amazon.com through Ripete Records but was
surprised to find out there were some different songs on each one. But
on the one directly from the SM's, they have both versions of Double
Shot. So I ordered it too. While I was at it, I also ordered their
Generations CD. Did you figure out when the picture in your book was
made - top left of page 182 (Medallions and their fans)?

I am now going jogging to listen to the Swingin' Medallions on my iPod.
I ordered their new CD, Madras and Madness recently.




The Swingin' Medallions I am sure appreciate your buying their CDs.



Key Words of the Hey Baby Days

Since we began the blog back in November, we have become very interested in knowing our audience, where they're coming from and what got them to the blog. Overwhelmingly, most come to the blog because they have bought the book and have regularly kept up with the updates at the book's website: www.heybabydays.com
These are kindred souls who like me love to spend a little time living in the past.

However, every day we get dozens of blog visitors who get to the blog because they have used certain "key words" that they have inputted into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo which gives them a list of links that contain the key words and visit the blog by selecting the link. We have been fascinated at some of the orgins of visitors and their keywords. We would not consider it particularly interesting for someone from Atlanta to use the key word "Tams" to get to the blog but we have had some that we sort of expect and some that are a bit different. Here follows a composite of recent visitors by point or origin and the key words that got them to the blog:

(1.) first line Origin
(2.) second line Key Words

Pocohontas Iowa
old band from alabama named the rocking gibraltas

Durham, NC
Willie T.

Union City, New Jersey
Dennis Yost Last Concert

Denver, Colorado
Athens Rogues

Kobe Japan

Crestview Florida
Perrin Gleaton

Augusta Georgia
Perrin Gleaton

Raleigh, North Carolina
In-Men, Ltd. Band

Silver Spring, maryland
Buddy Skipper Beach Music

Ljubuski, Federation Of Bosnia And Herzegovina,
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Swinging Medallions

Reidsville, North Carolina
gene and the team beats

Iron Station, North Carolina

Ashland, Virginia
Swinging Medallions Band

Norcross, Georgia Brent Fortson

Gadsden, Alabama
Dr. Feelgoods Gasden Alabama

Richmond, Virginia
39-21-Hey Baby

Alma, Arkansas
Swinging Medallions Double Shot

Rochester, New York
Barry Bailey Guitar Gear

Mulberry, Arkansas
Georgia Prophets

Defuniak Springs, Florida
Tyn Tymes

covers albums Billy Walker

Mount Holly, North Carolina
Master Sound Studios Atlanta, Georgia

Raleigh, North Carolina
magnificents band from burlington my space

Talladega, Alabama
the tyn times reunion gadsden

Enterprise, Alabama
wilbur walton jr biography

Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland
examples of business cards for bands

Talladega, Alabama
the mighty tams

Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Phoenix, Arizona
in the club calling hey baby

High Ridge, Missouri,
st. louis band bob kuban brass

Huntsville, Alabama
silly little girl tams

Rupert, West Virginia
athens rouges band

Naples, Florida, United States

Anaheim, California
blogspot "mark seven"

Erlanger, Kentucky
daytona in the 60s

Kennesaw, Georgia
apolloes atlanta

Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Dennie Yost & Classics

Des Plaines, Illinois
keyboard chords to "spooky" by the atlanta rhythm section

Oakland, California,
the winstons and color him father and blogspot

Decatur, Illinois
Harry Hagan trombone

Jefferson, North Carolina,
spontanes old band members

Wilmington, North Carolina
the bleus

Lawrencevelle, Georgia
Georgia State University buys Studio One

Greensboro, North Carolina,
the in-men ltd

Salemburg, North Carolina
hey i know you monzas

Thibodaux, Louisiana
lsu baby

Selby, York, United Kingdom
hey girl don,t bother me on you tube

Marietta, Georgia
marvin taylor

note: we will try and post addition keywords and the place of origin from time to time so check back at this posting" "Doubling Double Shot"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It was K-OTIC in Bama in the 60s

Photos above:

The K-otics from Tallasee, Alabama was a popular band at the beach and at the frat houses. Read more about the band in the book and check out their band directory at www.heybabydays.com Did the K-Otics know more about "Charlena" than they're telling?

Aloha Ann finally meets Barabara Lewis

Records recorded by the K-Otics

Plus another remembrance of Misty Waters by a Soul-Jer

Hi Greg,

I started reading your book this week and am about to finish
Chapter 12. Boy, that Charlena really "got around". Is she still
around? I looked her up in the Index, but you didn't put her in
there. lol. Did that band, the K-Otics write the song, "Charlena"
about her?

Did you get my last email with the Barbara Lewis picture
attachment? When I first sent it, I typed your name wrong so I'm
hoping you got it when I sent it the second time, forwarding my original
email. Just wondering. Let me know.

I'm enjoying reading about the various bands. Your little
inclusions about Charlena make it "spicy". Or should I say "steamy"?.




Read chapter 13 and then reply. But to answer your question about
Charlena still being around …




OMG. Little did I know that the next chapter would be so "juicy". I
stopped everything I was doing to finish Chapter 12 and read
Chapter 13. Do you think Charlena was at the Old Hickory when I was
there for the Jam Session with the Swingin' Medallions in 1964 or 1965 -
most likely 1965 but I can't remember for sure? Have you seen her since
the time in Chapter 13?



There are a few other references to her in the book but beginning
with Chapter 14, the remainder of the book is more or less an anthology.
The Party To End All Parties' chapter includes Charlena but perhaps her
finest hours are yet to come. Nora Marion , my dear wife, has written a
play based on the book. Charlena is the main star of the play.
A couple of excerpts can be found at the web site: www.heybabydays.com
Charlena may have actually been in P.C. at the time you were there.
I tried to find out from several musicians but for some reason, they are
very tight lipped. If we get the play off the ground, Charlena will
certainly become more visible.

"Oh, Charlena" was originally recorded by the Sevilles . It became a
very popular song in the gulf area particularly P.C. during that time
period. Most every band playing the strip covered the song and several
including the K-OTICS, Rubber Band, and the Rockin' Gibraltars and just
a few years ago, Cliff Ellis recorded a version as well. You'll probably
remember Cliff Ellis whose band The Villagers was a popular band in
that area in the 60s. The had a regional hit with the Tams' "Laugh It Off."
That's the vesrsion of that song I heard most as WAPE in JAX played it
constantly. It's Cliff's version of "Charlena" that appears on Disk One of
"The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music." It's very doubtful that there's an
actual connection between the book's Charlena and the one presented by the
Sevilles. Coach Ellis said he didn't know any Charlena. I learned early in
life never to doubt a coach. Charlena was not that uncommonof a name in the
South back 50 years ago although I heard "Charlene used more often.
But you have to conclude that if Charlena were the real name of the
personality in the book, it would not have remained a mystery.




Very interesting. I did read the excerpts from your wife's play a
while back and wondered how you were coming in getting it produced.
I remember that Charlena was a very popular song in the 60's. So I
assume what you're saying is that the Charlena character really has
a different name in real life and you and the band members (and your
wife) are the ones who really know who she is. I was wondering if she
is aware that you have written the book and included your "escapades"
with her. I guess every high school had their "loose" women, mine
included (Dothan High). The year after I graduated, Dothan became
a little "Peyton Place" when it got out that my fresh out of college
English teacher was having an affair with one of the football players.
Gossip has it that it all began on spring break in P. C.




Off to the movie so I'll try to be brief. I would never ask a lady her
age but I was wondering if you were in school with John Rainey Atkins or
any of the other musicians from Dothan. My sister in law went to elementary
school there, Miriam Jones. Regarding Charlena, I just hope she's happy.
I think she is. Before the end of the weekend, there will be a certain amount
of chaos on the blog.




My husband and I just returned from the movie (Slumdog Millionaire).
I didn't go to high school with any of the musicians, but my husband,
Larry, who graduated from DHS a year ahead of me in 1964 graduated
with Jimmy Dean of the James Gang. The James Gang with Wilbur Walton,
Jr.(who graduated several years before Larry and me) used to play at
our high school sorority dances. As a matter of fact, the Webs also
played at our dances; but Bobby Goldsboro was already on his way to
becoming famous by that time and wasn't with them any more. And of
course this was a few years before the Webs backed Roy Orbison when he
came to Dothan after firing his band and needed a backup band. And as
your book says, they practiced and practiced and practiced (but Buddy
Buie told Roy they went over the music a time or two). And of course they
became the famous Candymen. I can't remember if I told you or not, but
my parents owned the local diner/drive in restaurant; and Bobby used to
sit in the back booth playing his guitar all the time (according to my
mother). (I wasn't in high school when Bobby was.) I always wondered if
he composed any of his famous songs while sitting in that booth. I
graduated with Buddy Buie's brother, Jerry. That's about all the bits
and pieces I knew about the local Dothan bands. I do have one more
little bit of music trivia though. Do you remember the song, "I
Wouldn't Trade You For The World ?"It was written by a classmate, Danny
Kennedy, who graduated with my husband. He wrote it to his girlfriend, Patti,
and was devastated when she broke up with him. My husband can remember him
coming to our duplex apartment after we were married and singing it for him.
I guess he must have sold it. I always wondered what happened because the song
became famous for the Bachelors. I don't remember how high it went on

Oh, I don't mind telling you my age. I'm 62. I was 19 and my husband
had just turned 20 when we got married right after his sophomore year
in college. I got my PHT degree (putting hubby through). We lived in
Dothan, and he commuted to Troy State University while I worked. He
worked at the Rec. Center on the weekends and during the summers, he
was a lifeguard. I was pregnant with our daughter when he graduated
from Troy. I was a stay at home mom and after our daughter got married,
I became a wedding planner. I retired four years ago when my husband
got a job offer in Hawaii. We used to laugh because our friends who
went to college and had careers and then started their families, had
kids in grammar school when our daughter was graduating from college.
We were pretty young when we became empty nesters. My husband recently
told some friends that living in Hawaii is being on a long date. I've 0D
told friends it's almost like we're teenagers, dating again. It is
incredibly beautiful and very romantic here.

Did you get my email with the Barbara Lewis picture?




We also went to see Slumdog Millionaie. I am just hoping the movie version of 'The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music" will have the same type of emotional impact. Thanks for the detail about the Webs and James Gang. Not sure if Robert Register has anything about Bobby Goldsboro practicing guitar in the booth at the restaurant you reference. If you have never been to Robert's blog, you should because he covers bands from Alabama and in particular Dothan with a great deal of passion. ( If you do, then I'll correspond with you in a month or so because his blog has been going on for some time and is long and interesting.

The story in the book about how the Webs got ready to back Orbison was courtesy of Buddy Buie. I just hope it reads as well as Buddy related it me because I thought it was funny and a great perspective on those times.

"I wouldn't trade you for the world" was a major hit. I asked Nora if she had ever heard it and she said, "No." Then I found it on Youtube and started playing it and she, "oh , I know that" and the started singing the words.

I don't think I have a Barbara Lewis photo from you because if I did, it would have already been posted.



Here's the email that I don't think you got for some reason with the
attached picture of my husband and me with Barbara Lewis. I sent it to
you at your other email address.

Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music would make a great film. My husband was
telling me he read that the film subsidiary that made Slumdog
Millionaire was a low budget film maker. I noticed when they were
giving the credits at the beginning, it was a division of Warner
Brothers. I don't know how all that works, but maybe eventually your
book could be made into a film like that. Do you have any "Hollywood"
connections? The only one I have, I haven't even met yet - Tom Moffatt.
(A friend of ours is good friends with him. Tom put me in contact
with Barbara Lewis' manager to make arrangements to meet her.)

Yes, I subscribe to Robert Register's blog. His brother and my brother
were good friends. I sent an email to lots of friends about our trip to
LA to see Barbara Lewis in concert and included him (to his blog). And
he posted it.

I'm still curious about Charlena. Did you guys stay in touch? You
mentioned that you think she's happy. I figure she must be close to my
age and a grandmother by now - just like me. Boy, if she's a
grandmother, I hope her grandchildren don't find those "skeletons in
her closet" and also that her children didn't.


A note from a high school classmate


I thought you would enjoy this.

One of our sons was in town this weekend with his girlfriend so we had family over to dinner. Your book is in our den and I told everyone the history behind it. Needless to say it was a big hit and generated a lot of trips down memory lane. You can be proud that you and Nora have not only preserved memories and history but reminded people of fun times in their lives.



You certainly made my day; nothing gives me any more pleasure than hearing that the book brings a few smiles and a few laughs. I am indeed was very lucky to have a wife who didn't just support my passion but lent her perspective and humor to the book. To have the musicians give so much of their time, memories and memorabilia was more that I had hoped for; it was a journey which continues through the blog.

Best Regards


More About Misty Waters From a Soul-Jer


I remember Misty Waters well and when I saw that old building last
night I thought NO NO until I read on. I went to dances there when I
was in high school and was thrilled to get to play there a few years later
with the SOUL-JERS. It was a skating rink and I believe they had a big pool
too.I was trying to recall other venues WQXI held dances at and these are
ones I remember. FUN TOWN was one as Rick recalled and another on the south
side was Jefferson Park community center. This was where we auditioned for WQXI.
They would let you play during the band's break to see if they could use you
for their circuit WQXI held dances at pretty much all the high schools around Atlanta The gyms were huge with big stages but the acoustics were terrible.
Most of the times we played Pat Hughes or Tony( the Tiger) Taylor would
introduce the band. Pat Hughes opened his own teen club about the time he became
our manager. It was called THE STINGRAY CLUB( he drove a red stingray )
I remember being over at his apt. going thru old albums trying to find
something we would want to record (none of us were writers). He was trying to
get us a recording contract . It doesn't seem like very long after that he
passed away. He had diabetes.Going back before this period we played a lot at
the COMIC BOOK CLUB on Peachtree @ Peachtree Battle shopping center. That's
where we were when the ATL mag came out. Wayne Logiudice would come in sometimes
and sing a couple of songs with us .I remember Emory Gordy and Barry Baily were known to be the best guitarists in town I was in awe of them. OH! I just recalled the Sunday dances at LAKE SPIVEY outside Jonesboro and seeing a band called
ST. JOHN and the CARDINALS with a bass player named PAUL GODDARD around 1965.
Also I have an article about Paul Drew wnen he left WQXI I will scan and get to you when I can.

Tony Wilcher


Your note will cause a few to want to get in their cars this morning amd dial in Quixie in Dixie and 1966. Thanks for adding the places. We had Fun Town, Jefferson Park and the Comic Book Club listed. By the time I got to Atlanta, the Comic Book Club was no more . I think that location became Jimmy Orr's End Zone. I remember seeing the Medallions play there in 72 or 3. We did not list Lake Spivey or the Stingray Club. We'll get them on the next time around. I am still hoping someone will see the postings and come up with venue photos from back in the 60s.