Wednesday, December 17, 2008

C. Leslie Vaughn & The Sleepless Nights; The Southernaire Club of Atlanta

C. Leslie Vaughn & The Sleepless Nights


I am putting a copy of “The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music” in the mail to you. I hope it lives up to the review that Sam Holmes has given it. As the lead guitarist for C. Leslie Vaughn & The Sleepless Nights, I know you saw a lot of great moments during the Hey Baby Days like the one in the following photo.

I assume that you are the lead guitarist in the photo. That photo was scheduled to be in the book but it was among a group that got cut in the last few days before publication because of placement issues. Many members of the band were on hand when we debuted the book at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in October of 2006. Rusty Crowe got special recognition for the book with a proclamation by state legislature of Tennessee which we have proudly displayed in the office.

Let me know what you think after you have had a chance to look it over.


Greg Haynes


Thanks for the note….

No reason to send me a book…..I have several. I ordered 7 a year ago and gave away the copies to some pretty big “Beach Music” fans here in SF. One was Chairman of AT&T, another a major deal maker and LBO king…..and some others that enjoy your work.

If you are going to send me one…..send one w/your autograph, as I thoroughly enjoyed spending time remembering.

The guitar player in the picture is actually Rusty Crowe…..I played w/C Vaughn both before and after Rusty…my time w/that band was 67-69….or close to that. I also played w/a couple of groups that did a lot of back up work…..The Sultan Seven, The Divots, The Full House. Not sure what happened to those guys…..the Full House was the last group (3 SAE’s and 2 SigEps) and we played many of the girl’s colleges for concerts (Sullins, Virginia Intermont, Sweetbriar, Hollins, Queens, etc…….now that was fun!

After leaving college in 71 and the Full House going its separate ways, I was on my way to Florida to work in hotels and play music. I did both in Daytona Beach in the mid-late 60’s, playing at the Safari Beach Hotel for Bud Asher. I stopped in Atlanta….got a job at Hyatt for what I thought was a temporary stop…..stayed 24 years in many locations. My last gig was President of Williams-Sonoma the retail company…..and now play golf w/guys like Sam Holmes and occasionally sit in w/groups. The problem is they don’t understand “Beach Music” out here……they think it’s Dick Dale and the Deltones or Surf City, etc…….they have a lot to learn!

Thanks again for putting all this effort into your book…..what a wonderful job.

All my best for the holidays.



One signed copy coming your way along with a reproduction of the water color” The Party To End All Parties.” Do you have Volume 11 of the HBDBM series that includes “Ain’t It Like I Told You” ? If not, I’ll put one in the box for you. Anybody that buys that many copies of the books deserves more than just a thanks. I have heard of Full House and the Sultan Seven ; wished we had more info, photos etc We are continually amazed by the number of outstanding bands that were out there in that time period playing what we refer to as the music of the Heeey Baby Days.

As for the Divots, we have a story about the Roanoke Divots and were lucky to get input from Dick Hodges before he passed away. We tried to get more about another Roanoke band, The Royal Kings, but came up short. We started the blog so we could keep the information channels open. Check the blog out when you have a chance. Love to chat or talk about those days anytime.

We may never completely educate the world as to the difference between Southern Beach Music and West Coast surf music but we won’t stop trying.


Greg Haynes

The Southernaire Club in Atlanta

Hi, Greg.

This may be a little out of your range, but do you know anything about the Southernaire in or near Atlanta? Jerry Lee and Rick Nelson (separately) played there during the '70s. Can't find anything on the 'Net.




There is a reference in the book about Big Ben Atkins and the Nomads being the house band at the Southernaire Club in Columbus, Mississippi. It would not surprise me if there wasn't a club named Southaire in the Atlanta area. I will post it on the blog and see if anyone responds. Who knows how many bands in the 60s from the South had the name, Nomads. I know of at least five.



Thanks. This one was definitely in greater Atlanta, though the name may have been popular or it might even have been some sort of chain/franchise.
I'll keep checking the blog.


We'll definitely post and see what comes back. My all time favorite Atlanta club was Scarlet O'Hara's... all the great R&B people played that club in Underground Atlanta.




pcowell said...

I am wondering what happened to the Safari Beach Motel in Daytona...and if Bud Asher is still with us?

In the mid to late 60s, the craze was to have a swimming pool there that sold Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion. It was a type of pyramid scheme where the lifeguards sold the lotion and kept part of the profit.....they invited all the girls for free lotion and beach/pool chairs, the guys followed the girls and we provided the music.

Many bands played there in the afternoon, evening and till curfew...unbelievable summers.

heybabydays said...

Hi Pat, just noticed your comment I have been a little slow in reviewing the comments but promise to be more diligent. Sounds like a great plan with the Hawaiian Tropic lotion. The Pier was a hopping place at Daytona in the 60s. As it relates to Bud Asher and the Safari Beach Motel, I am sure someone who follows the blog will be able to give us an update. By the way, did you ever see the infamous "Mondo Daytona" travelogue that was made around 1967 that had a bunch of the bands included ? I never got to see the original, only the one that was updated with Grand Funk Railroad ?

Joel said...

Sorry about the name - - Greg