Monday, December 22, 2008

Wilbur Walton Jr. Mr. Redbud CD

In the words of the 60s poet laureate Arthur Conley, "Do You Like Good Music ?", then click on the link or copy and paste in the browser and get yourself a copy of the first recordings by Wilbur Walton Jr. in thirty five years:

Many of Wilbur Walton & the James Gang's hits from the era are included on one of the disks that comprise the compilation series to the Heeey Baby Days. (available from Ripete Records The new recording, Mr. Redbud, which is getting great reviews also features David Atkins, brother of the late, John Rainey Atkins, a revered musician and a member of the Webs, Candymen and Beaverteeth.David played with many of these bands as well.

The heroes of the Hey Baby Days ride again.
Many of the bands and artists from the era have new CDs. The Swingin' Medallions are about to release a new CD as well as the In-Men Ltd. and Don Rolader emailed and says the Jesters may as well . You can also go to the Beach Music top forty and see the names of half the bands in the book as they are still playing and recording. Buying their music keeps alive the spirit and spirits of the HBDBM.

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