Friday, December 19, 2008

Willie Hobbs, Pic & Bill, Clifford Curry, Sleepless Knights

Re: Willie Hobbs


Yep…….same guy and I think the summary page did a good job on depicting his success……excellent singer, just didn’t get the recognition that he deserved.

In reading thru this, I saw the name “Dave Smith” and I am pretty sure he was the guy that brought Willie to East Tennessee….and met w/C Vaughn in probably 68-69. Dave Smith is on the record label of the song that I played w/the Sleepless Knights…..”Till the end of Time” that we cut in Muscle Shoals (at least I think that’s where we were) on Charay Records.

I just looked at some of my old 45’s and Dave Smith did produce the record for the Knights…and also for a group called Pic and Bill.

Thanks for the info…..



This is great stuff; thanks again I am going to float Dave Smith out there and see what I can find out. Pic and Bill have a cut on Volume 14 titled “All I Want Is You.” They are another one of the groups that should have had more coverage in the book.

Also, sorry about continuing to spell Sleepless Knights with an “n” instead of a “K.” I do the very same thing in reverse for Augusta’s Oxford Nights which I sometimes spell with a “K.” (They are featured on two cuts in the book one of which sells as a collectible in the U.K. for enough to have hired the band for a job back in the day)

It seems that one of the band members told me that the Sleepless Knights got their name because the parents of one of the band endured a lot of “Sleepless Nights” as they practiced. I bet that’s a common story.


Check out the link below. It’s obviously the same Dave Smith. I’ll email them and confirm. It has really gotten me interested in Willie Hobbs enough to buy the CD.

P.S. Dave Smith obviously had a large hand in Beach Music as you can see from the listing of artists and cuts at the site. Also available is music from Clifford Curry and well as Pic and Bill. The site allows you to listen to some of the cuts including the Pic & Bill’s selection that is included on the HBDBM compilation series “All I Want Is You.” That one is what I call very serious “drive-in music.”

Thanks for bringing all this up, maybe it will help sell a few CDs for those great artists.

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