Thursday, December 11, 2008

They Got The Bleus in Gadsden Alabama

Hey Greg,

Got Your Book Last Year!!! I Love It!!!

What About Some Info On Another Great Group, The Bleus!

I Loved Their Version Of "I Just Don't Know What To Do
With Myself.” Any Of Their Stuff Available? Anybody Have
Any Info At All?

Dear 60s4ever:

Are you referring to a group of Bleus other than the Bleus of Gadsden, Alabama. There is a great story about the band in chapter 14 of the book about the Gadsden Bleus. I never had the pleasure of seeing them back in the day but a lot of folks who did like Tiger Jack Garret rave on about them. It appears they had several national releases and like so many of the bands from the Hey Baby Days did not get the break they probably deserved. Another band from the Gadsden area. Tyn Tymes, are still performing, with mostly original members and they are one heck of a horn band.



P.S. We'll post and invite others to comment about the Bleus and Tyn Tymes of Gadsden.

P.S.S. I found the CD that Tony Lumpkin sent me and listened to it again on the way in office.

I am one of the lucky ones who has only a 15 minute commute to the office in Atlanta so I had to skip around.. I remembered that I had heard it and had enjoyed it at the time. It does contain “I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself “ and many other good ones including an obligatory Tams’ cover, “It’s Allright ( You’re Just In Love)” That is one of my favorite Tams’ songs and one that gets covered often. It seems like all of the bands of the Hey Baby Days had to cover at least one of the hits of Mighty Tams.

I did not realize that the Bleus had so many single releases. They certainly had one heck of a supporting cast including their producer, Eddie Hinton.

As to how to get a copy of “The Bleus and Friends” The Complete Collection 1966-1971, you can not have mine. I will however send a copy of our email to Tony Lumpkin and maybe he can assist. This prompts me to initiate a new post that will tell blog visitors where to go to get CDs by the great bands of the Hey Baby Days. Most of them have web sites which we list on the bands page at;


Andreas said...

Hi there,

I would love to get a copy of the Bleus CD. I love the Bleus recordings I've heard so far and I'm a big Eddie Hinton fan. Thank you!


Andreas Werner

fab4fan said...

I am an avid collector of Alabama music. I also own a copy of the fantastic book, "The Hey Baby Days"
I have been trying to find a copy of the CD (or LP) the Bleus released in 2003 called "The Bleus And Friends: The Complete Collection, 1966-1971." I own three of their 45s, but would love this CD. My email is
Any help would be deeply appreciated.