Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A call for business cards of bands from the Hey Baby Days

We have a collection of business cards and event tickets from the Heeey Baby Days that we will be posting here. We will start with those we have already scanned but there are many more. If you still have a business card of your band from the 60s and will scan it and email it, we will place it here. Who knows, if your agent has the same phone number, you may get a booking. If your band hasn't performed together in 40 years, that doesn't matter. The new wave electronics can make your band sound better than you were in your prime. We will not accept any business cards or event tickets with web sites or email addresses listed because if you were into the internet back in the Hey Baby Days, you were too far advanced for us.

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John Bradley said...

Greg, I enjoyed seeing the band business cards and was delighted to spot the Consouls mixed in with those great groups. The card pictured is a later one provided by our representative; but it made me remember a much earlier version. I can recall the thrill as a 14 year old picking up our first business cards at the local printer. Somehow those cards made the whole thing "real." It didn't matter that the band's total repertoire was only 4 or 5 tunes (all needing work). It wasn't so important that the equipment, like the playing, was far from professional. We were a band! That slick, printed card said so - it had to be true.
The cards and event posters are wonderful to see. Please post more. I believe that the preservation of ephemera in the book and now here, is a very worthy effort. Thanks.