Sunday, December 7, 2008

L.S.U. Hey, Baby , Dr. Feelgood, Wilbur Walton, Marvelettes, Mel & Tim

We are still going through a learning curve regarding blogging, posting etc. so clicking on the link below may not take you to the L.S.U.'s rendition of the party classic. Looks like L.S.U. will be playing Georgia Tech in the Peach Bowl.

I am quite sure that I heard one of the bands (UGA's or Tech's) perform the classic during their slugfest which was a major disappointment for me but quite a banner day for some of my friends. I actually like Tech except when they play Georgia. After all, the great Dr. Feelgood & The Interns were a major attraction on North Avenue back in the day. Dr. Feelgood aka Piano Red recorded the original cut of "You Got The Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo Yo" although there are 1000's in BAMALAND who will tell you that Wilbur Walton Jr. originally recorded the song. Wilbur certainly did a great version which we are proud to have on the Hey Baby Days compilation series courtesy of Ripete Records.

"Hey, Baby" courtesy of the L.S.U. band

Not sure how the L.S.U./Georgia Tech game will come out but it will be very difficult for the Tech band to match L.S.U.'s rendition of Hey, Baby.

We are getting some great emails and letters too. Thanks to May Ann Rogers and Woody Chastain for sending a note from Athens regarding the book. Nora and I were lucky to be invited to attend the Four Tops/Marvelettes concert recently in Athens. It's great to be around folks who love the music as much as we do. Only downer: The Marvelettes ( who were great) failed to perform my favorite Marvelette hit: "My Baby Must Be a Magician." Google it up on You Tube if you have never heard it. It's is a song that would be on the same list as "Backfield in Motion" and "Good Guys Only Win In The Movies" both by Mel & Tim.

more coming soon.

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