Monday, December 29, 2008

The New Tams' Medley

The New Tams Medley

Virtually every Southern Beach band of the 60s paid tribute to the Tams by playing one of these songs: “What Kind of Fool ( Do You Think I Am) ”, “ I’ve Been Hurt” , “Laugh It Off” , “Untie Me” “Hey, Girl , Don’t Bother Me”, “Silly Little Girl”, “You Lied To Your Daddy” and of course “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy.” Many of the bands from the Hey Baby Days even did a medley featuring the songs above… But what if the band happened to be a 60s/70s band from Jamaica ? Their medley of Tams’ hits might surprise you because their medley would most likely include “Dancing Mood”, “ Concrete Jungle”, “Riding For A Fall” along with the better known “Hey, Girl, Don’t Bother Me.”

Check out these covers of Tams’ originals. ( you will need to copy the link and paste it into your browser)

Delroy Wilson’s cover of “Dancing Mood” ( Ray Whitley)

Delroy Wilson's “Riding For A Fall” (Mac Davis)

Then there’s “Hey Girl, Don’t Bother Me” by Johnny Clark (Ray Whitley)

but if you like the frat party sound of the Tams, try this horn version of “Dancing Mood” by Police Woman

If you are still in the "Dancing Mood", then here are a couple more from Police Woman… many other versions from other artists on the net

UGA frat boys ham it up with their version of "Dancing Mood"

But we are just scratching the surface, covers of the Tams abound. We’ll post others soon.

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